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5 Tips for Parents From Netflix's Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

Netflix's Tidying Up With Marie Kondo could not have come at a better time. As the holidays come to a close and we focus in on our 2019 New Year's resolutions, we are looking to restart, refresh, and declutter, but with kids it can be difficult. Here are our top five tips for parents for mastering the KonMari method with kids.
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By: Brittany McCabe

Tidying up with toddlers sounds like an oxymoron! As a busy mom of two, I know how tough it can be. Marie Kondo has some solid advice for busy parents to keep our space clean with the Konmari Method. Netflix’s new original series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo is a great place to start for inspiration to have a clean and tidy 2019. When our space is cluttered, it’s impossible to be efficient and as a busy parent, efficiency is key. The last thing you want when you’re rushing out the door is to have to rummage through three kitchen drawers to find the straw to your child’s thermos or search high and low for that black v-neck that always makes you feel decent, even though you haven’t showered for a solid two days.

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If you can relate, here are five tips from the Konmari Method you NEED to know to keep your house in order:

Everyone is responsible, but clean together:

Yes! Your child should be responsible for cleaning their own space. Children as young as 18 months can help with cleaning up. Make it a family thing and lead by example. Kids usually jump at the chance to help if you give them a rag or a duster.

Child’s role and parent’s role

As previously mentioned, make your child responsible for their belongings, but help find designated places for their items. Have your children be accountable for putting their things back to their designated place.

Decide what to keep and what sparks joy

Children as young as three years old are more than capable of deciding what sparks joy in them. They should be able to decide what they want to keep. You can, of course, help guide them in their decisions. Sometimes children may feel possessive over their belongings and not want to get rid of anything. It’s important to talk with them at a young age about giving away unused items to make others happy. This also helps to create space for something new to enjoy. This method applies to you as well; decide what to keep instead of deciding what to throw away. Keep objects that absolutely spark joy inside.

Do it in order

Start with clothes, books, documents, miscellaneous, then sentimental. When you begin to organize, do it in the order mentioned, but all at one time. For example, when going through clothes, dump them all out in one giant pile. I know! The thought kinda makes me hyperventilate, but there is a method to this madness. When all the clothes are in a pile, you can easily and quickly decide what to keep by picking up and holding each item. If the item sparks joy, keep. It’s as simple as that.

Do this for all categories mentioned and, in the order, mentioned above. There is a particular way to fold clothes in the Konmari method, which helps to provide an abundant amount of space in the drawers. Clothes should be folded in a way that allows each item to stand vertically. This way, instead of placing one item on top of the other in the drawer, they all stand vertically and line up together, so each item of clothing can easily be identified.

The sentimental

This is saved for last because this one is the hardest to tackle. Again, the same method should be used. Decide what to keep based on the feeling it gives you. Things like children’s artwork should be decided by your child. Allow them to keep the work that makes them happy and display their projects for them to see and admire.

Keeping my house tidy is something that I work very hard to strive for. There are some serious mental benefits to a clean an organized space, even for your children. Have you ever noticed your child having a difficult time deciding on something if they are overwhelmed by choices? This applies to toys as well. It is hard for children to decide on what to play with when they cannot clearly see their options, or they are too bogged down with choices. Hopefully, these five tips inspire you to have a clean and tidy year ahead!

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