Kindergarten Prep: Clean-Up Time

As part of your child's kindergarten readiness, he should know how to pick up after himself and will be expected to help clean up toys and materials.
Two boys cleaning up toys in gym class

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Taking Care of the Classroom

Kindergarten Prep: Clean-Up Time

In the kindergarten classroom, your child will be expected to do her share of taking care of the classroom environment. This can include anything from picking up blocks after play to throwing away trash after snack to putting books back on a shelf and the list goes on.

What Your Child Should Know
Responsibility has many aspects. Your child should:
  • Know how to organize and put things away in her room and around the home environment
  • Notice whether a task is fully completed or if there is still some work left to do
  • Bring to the kindergarten classroom a broad array of skills and abilities to confidently complete the tasks involved in taking care of the classroom environment
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