How They Grow in Second Grade

Is your child a worrier? It may be a phase. Find out what the experts define as typical behavior for a seven-year-old.
Table of contents

How They Grow in Second Grade

Where They Are
At age seven, children start to focus a bit more. They:

  • Begin to reason and concentrate.
  • Worry, are self-critical, and may express a lack of confidence.
  • Demand more of their teacher's time.
  • Dislike being singled out, even for praise.

    Where They're Going
    At seven years old, your child is continuing to learn about herself and others. You can help by encouraging her as she:

  • Develops a concept of herself.
  • Begins to understand others.
  • Gains respect for others.
  • Builds relationships with others.
  • Develops a sense of responsibility.

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