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How to Organize the Kitchen: 10 Simple Ways

Are you stumped about how to organize the kitchen? Here are 10 simple ways to get started!
Learn how to organize your kitchen like this
Updated: December 1, 2022

The kitchen is the heart of the home, but organizing it takes some planning and thought. Below are my best tips for keeping things orderly and neat.

Store Pots in Drawers

Organize your kitchen by storing pots and pans

If you have the space, utilize your drawers to their maximum capacity. Sure, hanging pots are lovely to look at but they are a magnet for dust, grime and grease. Try storing pots and pans nested together in a drawer. It makes for a less cluttered and more organized kitchen.

A Nifty Way to Store Cutting Boards

Over-the-cabinet kitchen storage for cutting boards

Cutting boards are bulky to store and tend to stack up. They often fall over or get buried underneath other items in a drawer. This over-the-cabinet-door frame easily stores your cutting boards for easy access and keeps them handy for quick meal-prep chopping.

Designate Cabinets by Use

Organize your kitchen with designated shelves

I have a baking cabinet in my kitchen, so my sugar, flour, baking powder and soda are grouped in one place. I also store cereal boxes and all breakfast items on one shelf and canned goods on another. I even have a separate cabinet for school lunch snacks. The kids know that everything in that cabinet is for school only. This makes it easier for me and my family to find what they need.

Store Cookie Sheets/Pans Upright

A cookie sheet organizer helps organize your kitchen

Who hasn't shifted through a cluttered pile of cookie sheets, baking pans and muffin tins? A simple freestanding frame will allow you to stack all of these with ease and clearly see what you need.

Store Similar Items

Store similar items to organize your kitchen

Instead of having things stashed all over your kitchen willy nilly, really think about how you use the space and what pairs best with what. This is crucial when figuring out how to organize the kitchen. Store all plastic wraps, tin foil and zip lock bags in one drawer. Keep everyday dishes, cups, glasses and cutlery near each other, so when it's time to set the dinner table everything is within reach.

Triple Your Cabinet Storage

a three-tiered shelf is great for kitchen organization

One of my absolute favorite items for use in my kitchen cabinets is a 3-Tier Cabinet Organizer. It's a plastic, tiered insert that allows three times the storage space for canned and other goods inside a cabinet. No more moving items around to see what's the in the back, this will clearly display every can, jar, etc. for quick identification.

Use a Shoe Organizer Behind the Door

A shoe organizer can actually help you organize your kitchen

Who said shoe organizers are only for shoes? Many kitchens have a door leading to a pantry or even a small broom closet. Maximize this space by hanging an over-the-door-shoe organizer. With this you can organize and store spices, cloths, rubber bands and chip clips, freeing up your drawer and cabinet space for bigger items.

Under the Sink Is Important Too

Under-the-sink organization helps keep your kitchen organized

You're at your sink daily, but underneath is often a netherworld of who knows what. Use organizers there, too, like a 2 Tier Expandable Adjustable Under Sink Shelf Storage Shelves Kitchen Organizer. This allows you two levels of storage space for cleaning supplies, dishwashing detergent, garbage bags, rubber gloves, etc.

Keep Frequently Used Utensils/Tools in Pots

Keep kitchen spoons organized in a pot

Next to my cooktop, I keep two cheap flower pots filled with wooden spoons, spatulas, whisks and ladles, all items I use daily when making meals. It keeps things orderly and grouped but easily accessible.

Put Drawers into Bottom Cabinets

Drawers in bottom cabinets keeps your kitchen organized

Let's face it, bottom cabinets can be a black hole. Who knows what's really back there? Have no fear, an easily installed wire two tier drawer is to the rescue! This allows maximum use of these cabinets and you can pull the drawers out all the way to see what's in the very back.

For more tips on getting organized, check out our article, Becoming Organized.

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