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10 Ways to Work Out Your Priorities

Organizing your life takes baby steps. Read these helpful 10 tips on prioritizing your life.
10 Ways to Work Out Your Priorities

10 Ways to Work Out Your Priorities

  1. Age -- Although most will consider age to be a barrier, in reality you can do almost anything at any age. However, you might decide to do some things now and leave others until you are older. Work out what you want life to be like as you pass into each new decade.
  2. Kids -- If you're a parent, it's all too easy to put off what you want to do to accommodate your children. If you feel this way, make sure you're not simply using them as an excuse to put things off. In fact, if your offspring see you making positive changes to your life, they'll be impressed and respect you even more.
  3. Debt -- Owing money can be very distracting. Restructuring debt to make it manageable and less of a worry is for many a good place to start. Remember that debt can often be a symptom, and you might need to work on the causes of your debt as well as the debt itself.
  4. Work -- Your boss is making vague promises about a wonderful future. You need to decide if what he or she is offering is (a) real and (b) what you actually want. Avoid delegating your ambition to your boss and take control!
  5. Home -- The place you live is really important. Make sure you devote time and effort to making home somewhere you can feel relaxed and comfortable.
  6. Friends -- Peer pressure can be very powerful. If it encourages you to go where you want, it is positive. If you feel under pressure to aim for things you're not totally sure about, that pressure might be too great.
  7. Travel -- Are there places you want to visit, but at the moment cannot spare the time or find the cash? Find out about them and the practicalities of making the trip. The more you know, the easier it will be to eventually do. Planning travel can be as important a priority as the travel itself.
  8. Study -- If you're an undergraduate, or even a mature student, completing your course will be uppermost in your mind. Developing some goals for when you finish might help carry you through.
  9. Caring -- At times, many of us find ourselves caring for a vulnerable relative who is dependent on us. This can also give you time to plan, even if at times it might seem heartless.
  10. Instinct -- Finally and most importantly, you must listen to your inner voice or instinct. If something feels right, but you're not sure why, go with it because it probably is.

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