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  • Young Child Playing with a Bucket of Dried Beans
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    Creative Indoor Play Ideas for Your Toddler
    After getting nearly 20 inches of snow this past weekend, I have accepted the fact that winter has arrived in New England. Bundling up a toddler to play in the snow often takes more time than you actually spend outside. Rest assured, because I ha...
    Courtney Key
  • Healthy Family Taking Walk Outside
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    5 Healthy Family Activities to Try in 2019
    My little family had lots of fun ringing in 2017. There was popcorn, noise makers, and dancing. After my son went to bed, my husband and I enjoyed champagne followed by a bedtime before midnight. I guess we're officially old! Before sadly passing...
    Courtney Key
  • indoor obstacle course
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    Building an Indoor Obstacle Course for Kids
    When it gets cold out and we're stuck inside more often, it gets hard to come up with ways to entertain your kids day after day. You've watched the same movie five times, baked endless treats, and have done so many arts and crafts projects that y...
    Trish Kuffner, author of The Children's Busy Book
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    7 Best Active Play Toys Your Child Can Use Indoors
    When it's cold outside, sometimes it might seem like your little ones bounce off the walls. Tame all of that built-up energy by investing in a few active play toys perfect for indoor use. More:25 Toys, Books, and Games to Stock Up On Before We'r...
    Kelly Sundstrom
  • kids playing in fort
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    5 Coolest Play Tents for Kids
    Forts in the living room? Sounds like a kid's greatest dream. Indoor forts, teepees, and playhouses turn even the worst case of cabin fever upside down. Kids love crawling in and out of the small structures and use their imaginations to create a ...
    Rebecca Desfosse
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    5 Activities To Practice Sight Words
    Learning sight words is one of the first steps to learning to read! By working on these as you begin to understand letter sounds, kids will be able to quickly identify frequently used words without having to sound them out. Here are some fun ways...
  • 8 Epic Emoji-Themed Crafts, Activities & Recipes
    8 Epic Emoji-Themed Crafts, Activities & Recipes
    Are your kids obsessed with emoji? We've rounded up the best emoji crafts, activities, and treats found on Pinterest. Whether you're throwing an emoji-themed birthday party or simply want to have some (shhh... screen-free!) fun with kids, tweens...
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    How to Make Your Own Slime
    Kids love playing with slime. This ooey-gooey concoction can easily be made at home, so your kids can play with slime anytime they want! The fun thing about making your own slime is that you can choose your colors and add anything you want, lik...
  • School and Learning
    School and Learning
    5 Fun Ways For Kids To Learn To Write Their Name
    Kids can get really frustrated trying to learn to write their name. It’s a difficult skill to learn at a young age but something that is very important to learn before starting kindergarten. Sitting down to practice on a sheet of paper over ...
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    Exploring History: My Life Timeline Activity
    Exploring History: My Life Timeline Activity One of the hardest things for a child to grasp about history is that at some time or another, all those historical events were the present. Not to mention that at the time, people probably didn't kno...
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    Family Games
    Dress-Up Relay
    Dress-Up RelayMaterials Two suitcases or boxes Dress-up clothes (hats, scarves, jackets, skirts, pants, boots, and so on) Directions Fill two suitcases or boxes with equal amounts of clothing. The clothes must be big enough to fit all the players...
    Trish Kuffner, author of The Children's Busy Book
  • Spoon of Baking Soda Over Glass of Water
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    Incredible Exploding Sandwich Bag Science Activity
    Incredible Exploding Sandwich Bag Science Activity If a baking soda rocket wasn't enough of an explosion for your child, then this experiment is bound to be more his style. Using the same acid-base reaction that makes quick bread rise when you ...
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    Indoor Activities
    Learning to Count Money: Muffin Tin Coin Sort
    Learning to Count Money: Muffin Tin Coin Sort When kids are first learning about money, it can be hard to tell one coin from another, let alone figure out what the value of each coin is. It is better to play money games with real coins instead o...
  • Smiling Happy Family in Car
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    Travel Activities: Road Trip Math
    Travel Activities: Road Trip Math Road trip math not only keeps your child occupied during a long trip, but itcan also practice some of his real-life math skills. From license plates to maps and meals, there are many ways to make your trip a li...
  • Learning Activities for Toddlers
    12 Toddler Playtime Activities Using Common Household Items
    Looking for some easy imagination playtime activities for your busybody toddler or preschooler? Just check your cabinets, toy box, or recycling bin for some new "toys" and supplies for playtime. All of these activities use basic household items t...
    Erin Dower
  • Red Pencil Writing on White Paper
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    "Painting Word Pictures" Writing Activity
    "Painting Word Pictures" Writing Activity Descriptive writing plays a big part in writing stories, but it stands on its own as a specific type of writing. It is, in fact, a lot like painting a picture with words. A good piece of descriptive wri...
  • Stone Soup storytelling activity
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    "Stone Soup" Storytelling Activity
    "Story Stone Soup" Storytelling Activity This activity combines a nature walk, a craft activity, and the concept of the classic tale Stone Soup to give your child a creative way to practice his storytelling skills. Since you'll need to gather a...
  • Smiling Little Girl holding Pen and Writing on Paper
    Indoor Activities
    Learning to Write: The Incredible Expanding Sentence
    Learning to Write: The Incredible Expanding Sentence Incredible Expanding Sentences (also known as sentence pyramids) are a good way for your child to visualize how adding information to a sentence can make that sentence grow from the ordinary ...