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5 Quick Indoor Games for Kids

If you are stuck inside on a rainy day, try these 5 quick indoor games and boredom busters for kids.

Are you stuck inside today? Whether the weather is rainy, too hot, or too cold, we have you covered! One tip to combat cabin fever is to make sure the activities you choose have some way to get out the wiggles. Depending on the age and activity level of your child, indoor exercise is a must! Here are a few quick games to play when you hear the stirrings of boredom.

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Build a Racetrack

All you need is a roll of masking or painter's tape to wow your kids! Use it to tape off streets and highways in every room — you can let your city take over the entire house! They will love pushing their toys cars down the roads.

Indoor Racetrack Using Masking Tape

Learn to Juggle

Make your own juggle balls by filling balloons with beans or lentils and tying them securely. They are easy to grip and make catching the balls easier. Practice with two and then add a third! (Bonus: they make a great stress ball, too!)

Homemade Juggle Balls Using Balloons

Paper Plate Tennis

Get some exercise while you're stuck inside the house. Paint two paper plates in a fun design (optional) and tape them to a paint stirrer to create the handle. Use a balloon to volley back and forth.

Paper Plate Toy Tennis Racquets

Animal Charades

Brainstorm and write down a long list of animals with your kids. Cut them out and toss them into a hat for a fun game of animal charades. You can vary this game by switching to jobs (police officer, doctor, etc.), emotions (happy, sad, etc.), or any other fun category you create!

Little Girl Playing Animal Charades

Indoor Hopscotch

Grab a bag of craft sticks (or popsicle sticks) and use them to create a hopscotch board. Hopscotch is a fun game to burn some energy inside, but creating the hopscotch board itself is fun, too!

Close Up Pile of Popsicle Sticks

Getting the kids moving inside is a great strategy for exhausting them just in time for bedtime!

Are you looking for more great indoor activities, especially for toddlers? Check out our video!

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