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Paper Christmas Tree Craft

This paper Christmas tree craft is perfect for keeping the kids occupied this holiday season. It is simple, involves very little prep, and you probably already have the supplies in your home.
Young girl pasting tissue paper to paper Christmas tree
Updated: April 19, 2024

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During the holiday rush sometimes you just need to occupy your children long enough to check off the last of your to-do list. This craft involves very little prep, and chances are you have most of the materials already around the house. It is simple enough that even young children can participate independently. Plus, it’s an excellent use of wrapping paper or tissue paper scraps from all of your holiday present wrapping.

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Materials (purchase on Amazon)

Scissors, glue stick, and paper supplies used for paper Christmas tree craft


  1. Fold your construction paper lengthwise in half and cut out a tree shape.
  2. Keep the tree folded in half and hole punch various holes all over.
  3. Present the tree and an assortment of small pieces of tissue paper to your child with a glue stick.
  4. If needed, help your child cover each hole with a colored piece of tissue paper.
  5. Hang in a window and enjoy!

Cut out of green paper Christmas Tree craft Picture of Paper Christmas Tree Cut Out craft with scattered tissue paper pieces

Paper Christmas Tree Craft with pasted tissue paper pieces

Child gluing tissue paper to paper Christmas tree craft

Reverse side of Paper Christmas Tree Craft with pasted tissue pieces

Completed Paper Christmas Tree Craft Put Up Against A Large Bright Window

Completed Paper Christmas Tree Craft Taped Against A Window

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Pin this Christmas craft for later when your little ones are ready to create:

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