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by: Laurie Mega

Fall is here, and the weather is getting dodgier by the day. Before you know it, cool nights will give way to cooler days, then rain and snow. No longer will you be able to throw open the back door and let your little one run free, or take a jaunt to the local playground.

So what do you do with your toddler when you’re forced to stay inside. Here are FamilyEducation’s five best indoor games for toddlers.

Obstacle Course

If your little guys are like my little guys, a shelf is not a shelf. It’s a ladder. And a couch is a bouncy house. If your kids need to get the wiggles out, why not let them climb the furniture? Turn chairs, stools, small tables and piles of pillows into a toddler-friendly gauntlet and let them play American Ninja Warrior. Challenge them to find different ways to get through the course.

Just make sure you supervise –and even spot – them as they climb around. And cover sharp corners with soft foam.

Soap Crayons

This activity does double-duty. First, you can make soap crayons with your toddler. Then, you can play with them in the bath. Let you kid draw all over the walls and sides of the tub, then wash it off like magic!

Masking Tape Race Track

Put down roads all over your living room using two parallel lines of masking tape. You can take it a step further and build a whole town along the roads. Your toddler can play cars and trucks, or play Godzilla and lay waste to the city. (Come on, you know that’s how this activity ends.)

A word to the wise: You really want to use masking tape for this and not duct tape or electrical tape. Masking tape isn’t as sticky, and will come off easily when you’re done playing.

Indoor Scavenger Hunt

Toddlers love finding little treasures under beds, in drawers and in between couch cushions. Why not channel that need for discovery and give them things other than stale Cheerios to find. You’ll have to simplify your treasure hunt for toddlers. Give them one, easy clue like “It’s hidden where you eat” or “You’ll find it behind the red chair you like.”

Finger Painting With Pudding

This is a classic indoor toddler activity. Toddlers love sensory activities and they love to paint. Replacing finger paint with pudding allows your child to be creative without getting any toxic substances in her mouth. And it’s just plain tasty! If you want other colors besides brown, mix up vanilla pudding and add food coloring.

So there you have it, our top five indoor activities for toddlers. We hope you and your toddler enjoys these! And for more great toddler activities check out 12 Toddler Playtime Activities Using Common Household Items.

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