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Decorations and Crafts

Get crafty this Thanksgiving and create festive and fun decorations with your kids.
Crafts for preschoolers

5 Easy Crafts for Preschoolers

Little ones love making crafts, but who has the time or money for the supplies you need to put together an amazing project? Good news - your children can make these five crafts for preschoolers using only four supplies or more
July 4th crafts

5 Easy Fourth of July Crafts

Flags, fireworks, and barbecue -- oh my! The Fourth of July is exciting for the whole family, especially for children. Along with all the festivities, celebrate this Independence Day with your little ones by making these 5 easy Fourth of July crafts more

Dry Leaf Collage

Dry Leaf CollageMaterials Construction paper Scissors Dry leaves Glue stick Directions Cut one or two leaf shapes out of construction paper. Crinkle up dry leaves until they're in fairly small pieces (this may be your toddler's favorite part). Spread glue on one side of the construction paper leaf and sprinkle with dry leaf pieces. If you like, punch a hole in the construction paper and hang to display. read more

Hand and Feet Thanksgiving Turkeys

Hand and Feet Thanksgiving TurkeysAge: Preschool through elementaryTime: An hour or more Type of activity: Arts-and-crafts Make this Thanksgiving a hands-on experience for your child. These turkeys are a great decoration for your refrigerator. Make a new one each year to see how (fast) your little one grows! Materials: Brown, tan, orange, red, yellow, and black construction paperScissorsGlueDirections:read more

Holiday Place Card Creator

Holiday Place Card CreatorOh, no! This page is temporarily down for maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience. Meanwhile, check out our related content while we work on getting it back up and more

Paper Plate Turkey

Paper Plate TurkeyMaterials Paper plate Brown paint or crayon Construction paper in various colors Glue or paste Markers or crayons Directions Have your child color a paper plate with brown paint or crayons. Cut feathers out of colored construction paper, and glue them to the edge of the plate. Cut out a head, a neck, and feet, and glue them to the plate. Draw a turkey face with markers or crayons. read more

Pilgrim Hats

Pilgrim HatsMaterials: Utility knife Any circular item about 4 inches in diameter 10-ounce Styrofoam or paper cups Pen, pencil, or marker Scissors Popcorn, candy, or other treats Black and white paper GlueDirections:read more

Pinecone Thanksgiving Turkey

Pinecone Thanksgiving Turkey Pick up some pinecones on your next nature walk, and turn them into an easy-to-make, festive turkey decoration for your Thanksgiving table. Age: Preschool through elementaryTime: An hour or more Type of activity: Arts-and-crafts Materials:read more

Rainbow Turkey Stamp

Rainbow Turkey StampMaterials Brown, red, yellow, and green paint Paper Markers Directions Paint your child's palm and thumb brown, then paint strips of red, yellow, and green across his fingers (like a rainbow). Press his hand on a piece of paper to make a turkey print. When the paint is dry, use markers to add the eye, beak, and feet. read more
seashell magnets craft

Seashell Magnets Craft

Preserve your beach memories by making seashell magnets for your fridge. Putting them together is easy, and you can use any type of shell you find in the sand. Seashell Magnets Craft Materials:read more
Stenciled table tents craft

Stencil Table Tents Craft

Table top cards are easy to put together, and they’re a fun way to keep a theme going at any event. For this craft, here’s what you’ll need: Materials: 4 x 9.5 Cardstock Wide satin ribbon Glue gun Stencils that match your theme Number stencils Craft paint Foam Poly Brushes – One for each paint color   Directions:read more
Thank-You Card

Thank-You Card

This Thanksgiving, show your thanks to the people who have made an impact on your life by presenting them with one of these more

Thankful Thanksgiving Tablecloth

Thankful Thanksgiving TableclothAge: All agesTime: 30 minutes or more Type of activity: Arts-and-crafts This project is a great way to incorporate the true meaning of Thanksgiving into your holiday celebration. Your kids can start it now and keep adding to it throughout the holiday season. Why not make it a yearly family tradition?Materials needed:White tableclothFelt tip pensDirections:read more
Thanksgiving Card for Dad

Thanksgiving Card for Dad

Show your thanks to your dad this Thanksgiving with a printable more
Thanksgiving Card for Mom

Thanksgiving Card for Mom

Show your thanks to your mom this Thanksgiving with a printable more
Thanksgiving Dinner Place Cards

Thanksgiving Dinner Place Cards

Kids can contribute to the Thanksgiving celebration by making these place cards for the big more
Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

Cut along the dotted lines, wrap around your napkins, and glue or tape each one to create special Thanksgiving napkin rings customized with your own words of appreciation. Also check out these printable Thanksgiving place cards kids can write on. read more
Thanksgiving Place Cards for Kids

Thanksgiving Place Cards for Kids

Cut and fold along the dotted lines on these Thanksgiving place cards, and fill in the blanks to create a customized message for each of your guests. Also check out these printable Thanksgiving napkin rings kids can write on. read more
Thanksgiving Stationery

Thanksgiving Stationery

Use this stationery to write to your loved ones this more

Thanksgiving Table Turkeys

Thanksgiving Table TurkeysAge: Preschool through elementaryTime: 30 minutes or more Type of activity: Arts-and-crafts Materials:Brown, red, yellow, black, and orange construction paper.Toilet-paper rollScissorsTapeElmer's glueBrighten up your holiday table with these easy-to-make turkeys. Even very young children can help add some color and pizzazz to your Thanksgiving table! Directions:read more

Thanksgiving Turkey Wall Hanging

Thanksgiving Turkey Wall HangingMaterials: Construction paper or small paper plate Marker or pencil Glue Dried beans and uncooked pasta Directions:read more

Totem Poles

Totem Poles Seasonal Sense Totem poles were a creation of the Tlingit Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest and lower Alaska. They were carved out of natural cedar wood and they expressed the history and accomplishments of the family. These bigger-than-life carvings depicted animals such as the bald eagle, grizzly bear, seal, porpoise, and wolf, which had symbolic meaning for the more

Turkey Bowl

Turkey BowlAge: Preschool and upTime: An afternoon Type of activity: Holiday Arts and Crafts This turkey will look great as a centerpiece on your Thanksgiving table! Fill it will fruit, napkins, or other items for your more

Turkey Place Cards

Turkey Place CardsAge: Preschool through elementaryTime: 30 minutes or more Type of activity: Arts-and-crafts Materials needed:Brown, red, orange, yellow, and green construction paper. You can use more colors if you'd like.ScissorsTapeElmer's glueMarkersWelcome your holiday guests with these easy-to-make turkey place cards.Directions:Before you begin, draw and cut out all the shapes you'll need from the construction paper:read more

Turkey Place Cards

Turkey Place Cards These cute turkey nametags will dress up your Thanksgiving table and save some confusion over seating your guests. Level: Easy Time involved: One to two hours Materials:read more