How to Make Stencil Table Tents

This cute and simple craft will bring sunshine to any event!

Table top cards are easy to put together, and they’re a fun way to keep a theme going at any event.

For this craft, here’s what you’ll need:


  • 4 x 9.5 Cardstock
  • Wide satin ribbon
  • Glue gun
  • Stencils that match your theme
  • Number stencils
  • Craft paint
  • Foam Poly Brushes – One for each paint color



  1. Fold your cardstock in half, the short way, so that you have a table tent that sits about 4.75 inches high.
  2. Cut a piece of ribbon that spans the bottom of the table tent. 
  3. Using your glue gun, attach one end of the ribbon to the inside edge of the back of the card and the other end to the inside edge of the front. This will keep your table tent from collapsing.
  4. Fold the table tent back up and lay it flat. Determine where you would like to place your table numbers and your stencils.
  5. Once you’ve decided, place your stencils on the card and gently fill them with small amounts of paint, using your poly brush.
  6. Let the paint dry.
  7. Repeat the steps until you have enough table tents.


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