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by: Laurie Mega

The great thing about these harvest candle holders? You can use what’s handy in your cabinet. Kids will have a great time dropping different grains and beans to create colorful, interesting layers.

For this craft, you will need: 

  • A hurricane vase
  • A thick candle
  • Various grains or beans
  • Clear beads or glass bits
  • Glitter ribbon



  1. Place a layer of beans, corn, or other grain in the bottom of the vase, about a quarter of an inch thick.
  2. Then, place a layer of clear beads or glass bits.
  3. Place another layer of a different grain or bean, and top it with a layer of beads or glass.
  4. Continue layering until your vase is about one-third full.
  5. Place your candle in the vase.
  6. Cut a length of glitter ribbon and tie it off.

Display your harvest frost candle as a centerpiece for all of your fall and winter holiday celebrations.

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