How to Make a Harvest Frost Candle Holder

by: Laurie Mega
Looking for a fun and easy craft for your toddler that will also look great on your Thanksgiving table? Check out this harvest frost candle holder!

The great thing about these harvest candle holders? You can use what’s handy in your cabinet. Kids will have a great time dropping different grains and beans to create colorful, interesting layers.

For this craft, you will need: 

  • A hurricane vase
  • A thick candle
  • Various grains or beans
  • Clear beads or glass bits
  • Glitter ribbon



  1. Place a layer of beans, corn, or other grain in the bottom of the vase, about a quarter of an inch thick.
  2. Then, place a layer of clear beads or glass bits.
  3. Place another layer of a different grain or bean, and top it with a layer of beads or glass.
  4. Continue layering until your vase is about one-third full.
  5. Place your candle in the vase.
  6. Cut a length of glitter ribbon and tie it off.

Display your harvest frost candle as a centerpiece for all of your fall and winter holiday celebrations.