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From Start to Finish: A Thanksgiving Recipe for Every Course

Sure, you have the Turkey covered. But do you know what you're serving before, with and after? Here are seven easy Thanksgiving recipes to get you through hor d'oeurves to dessert.
5 Thanksgiving recipes to get you from start to finish
By: Laurie Mega

The Thanksgiving dinner menu...easy, right? Sure, that's what you thought when you first get the idea in August to host a beautiful and unique Thanksgiving. In September, you've pinned more recipes than you could ever actually make. By Halloween, you're starting to get nervous. And now, one week before the big day, those refrigerated crescent rolls are starting to look pretty good.

Take a deep breath. We're here to help you out with a recipe to get you through every course, from beginning to end.

Hor D'OeuvresThanksgiving Goat Cheese and Tapenade Spread

Goat Cheese Tapenade Spread

This spread requires minimal time and effort, but it's delicious. Pair it with crackers, veggies or chunks of a nice, crusty artisan bread. Add olives as a garnish.

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Strawberry Mango Salad

The Thanksgiving meal is all about heavy comfort foods. Why not switch things up and start off with a fresh, light salad? Because different places harvest at different times, mangoes are available year-round. Good strawberries might be a little more expensive, but it's worth it for this refreshing salad that will whet the appetite but leave room for the main course.

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Sides for the Main Event

Roasted Root Vegetables

This one comes from our vault of Thanksgiving recipes, but it never goes out of style. Roasted root vegetables are one of the easiest -- and tastiest -- side dishes you can make. Any root vegetables will work. Just toss them with some olive oil and a few spices, and throw it in the oven. They practically cook themselves!

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Savory StuffingThanksgiving Savory Stuffing

This is a Thanksgiving day standard. So, having a good stuffing is almost as important as having a good turkey. This recipe is pretty easy to put together, and takes about an hour. Make it the night before if you think you won't have enough time the day of. Just remember to add water or broth when reheating to keep it from drying out.

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Toffee and Almond Topped Pumpkin Pie

Take a new twist on an old favorite. This recipe adds super-sweet toffee and salty almonds to your classic pumpkin pie. Even if your guests took second and third helpings of dinner, they'll find a little room for this dessert. Pair it with a dark-roast coffee or a strong tea. Add a little fresh whipped cream, if you're feeling extra crazy.

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Whether you're hosting a big or small event, of even if you committed to bringing something to someone else's house, these classic and not-so-classic recipes will get you through the holiday. 

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