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Updated August 22, 2022

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If you are not familiar with Lithuanian culture, then you can learn some new things here. Lithuania is one of the Baltic States located in the Baltic Region of Europe. Depending on what your roots are, you could have ancestors that originated in Lithuania. Below is a list of Lithuanian last names, including the most popular Lithuanian names as well.

History of Lithuanian Last Names

Lithuanian surnames weren’t always a part of Lithuanian culture. In the 14th century, people of nobility were the first to adopt last names. Many people think this was because several Lithuanian last names have a coat of arms. Of course, this later changed and all people who reside in Lithuania have a family name.

Since Lithuanian is one of the oldest derivations of Indo-European languages, there is so much rich culture and ancestry. Lithuania treats surnames as a pathway to learning more about one’s heritage and even occupation.

Lithuanian Naming Practices

Lithuanian last names have origins in several languages including Polish, Latin, German, and even Hebrew. A common tradition among surnames is the different suffixes used for male and female surnames.
Men’s last names use either -as, ys, -is, -a, -e, or -us. You can also use a woman’s surname to determine whether or not she is married. Married women take on the suffix -iene while unmarried women use -yte, -iute, -aite, or -ute.

Popular Lithuanian Last Names

  1. Adomaitis - This surname is patronymic for “son of Adomas” which is the Lithuanian form of the personal name “Adam.”
  2. Banis - This name is derived from the personal name “Benediktus.” It is also sometimes used as a nickname for a hut dweller.
  3. Dapkus - This Lithuanian surname is likely derived from the Polish and Belorussian personal name “Dobka.”
  4. Gabrys - This surname is derived from the Polish given name “Gabrys” which means “strong man of God.”
  5. Jonaitis - This Lithuanian last name is derived from the name “Jonas” which is the Lithuanian form of “Johannes.”
  6. Kairys - This last name comes from a nickname used for left-handed people.
  7. Kazlauskas - This is the most common surname in Lithuania. It is the Lithuanian form of the Polish name “Kozlowski.”
  8. Lanka - This is a shortened version of the Lithuanian and Latvian last name “Lankauskas.”
  9. Petrauskas - This Lithuanian surname is patronymic for “son of Peter.”
  10. Zemaitis - This is a habitational name for someone who lives in the western region of Lithuania.
Town of Vilnius in Lithuania

More Common  Lithuanian Surnames

  1. Antanas - This name is used as both the last name and a given name in Lithuania. It is the Lithuanian version of “Anthony” and it means “praiseworthy.”
  2. Bagdonas - This is a Lithuanian derivative of the Slavic last name “Bogdan” which means “God-given.”
  3. Butkus - This Lithuanian family name is a derivative of the personal name “Buti” which means “to exist.”
  4. Dinius - This surname is derived from the German personal name “Dinies.”
  5. Grigas - This is an Indo-European last name that is derived from the Greek name “Gregorios” which means “watchful.”
  6. Juska - This Lithuanian surname comes from the French personal name “Justus” and it means “justice.”
  7. Lutkus - This name is patronymic for “son of Ludolf.” “Ludolf” is a German given name that means “famous wolf.”
  8. Mazeika - This surname comes from the Lithuanian word “mazas” which means “short,” making “Mazeika” a nickname for a short person.
  9. Miskinis - This topographic name is often seen in both Lithuania and Poland. It is used for someone who lives in or near a forest.
  10. Norkus - This is a Lithuanian language family name that is a derivative of the personal name “Norkantas.” It means “wish” or “want.”
  11. Petras - This is the Lithuanian form of “Peter” and is seen as both the last name and first name. It is derived from the Greek word “Petros” which means “stone.”
  12. Rimkus - This nickname for a calm and peaceful person is a short form of the Lithuanian family name “Rimkantas.”
  13. Shaulis - This is a Lithuanian occupational name for a rifleman.
  14. Vytautas - This name is rarely seen as a surname but it is a popular given name. It means “chase the people” in Lithuanian.
  15. Zukauskus - This last name is derived from the Slavic word “zhuk” or the Polish word “Zuk,” both of which mean “bug.”

Popular Lithuanian Last Names on FamilyEducation: Adomaitis, Zukas, Lanka

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