Meaning and Origin of: Melis

Family name origins & meanings

  • English : variant spelling of Mellis 1.
  • German : variant of Melius.
  • Dutch ((van) Melis) : variant of Millis 2.
  • Czech and Slovak (Meliš), and Hungarian : from a short form of the Biblical personal name Melichar (see Melchior).
  • Greek : from the personal name Melis, a pet form of Meletios or Meliton (names of various early saints and martyrs). The personal names are derived from either meli ‘honey’ or meletan ‘care for’, ‘study’.
  • Italian (Sardinia and southern Italy) : habitational name from a place so named in Sardinia.
  • Lithuanian : nickname from melis ‘blue’.
  • Latvian : unflattering nickname from melis ‘liar’.
  • Latvian : variant of Mellis.