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75 Flower Names for Boys

Discover unique and charming names inspired by nature with these flower names for boys. Perfect for parents seeking a name with natural beauty and significance!
Flower names for boys
Updated: July 2, 2024
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Choosing a name for your baby boy is an exciting but sometimes challenging task. For those who love nature and its beauty, flower names can be a perfect choice. Flower names are not just for girls; many floral names have strong, meaningful, and unique associations that can suit a baby boy just as well. From classic to contemporary, these names often carry connotations of strength, beauty, and resilience, making them a wonderful way to celebrate the new life you're welcoming into the world!

Flower Names for Baby Boys

Flower names for boys

Flower names are a beautiful choice, offering both uniqueness and meaning. Here is a carefully curated list of 75 flower names for boys, complete with their origins and meanings.

  1. Aciano - Spanish, meaning "blue bottle flower."
  2. Admon - Hebrew, meaning "red peony flower."
  3. Aloe - Greek, meaning "aloeswood plant."
  4. Asciano - Italian, meaning "ash tree."
  5. Aster - Greek, meaning "star."
  6. Barclay - Scottish, meaning "birch tree meadow."
  7. Basil - Greek, meaning "kingly, royal herb."
  8. Blodwyn - Welsh, meaning "white flower."
  9. Briar - English, meaning "thorny plant."
  10. Calix - Latin, meaning "chalice, flower cup."
  11. Celandine - Greek, meaning "swallow."
  12. Cedar - English, meaning "coniferous tree."
  13. Chrys - Greek, meaning "golden flower."
  14. Clem - Latin, meaning "gentle, merciful."
  15. Cypress - Greek, meaning "strong, muscular."
  16. Dahl - Scandinavian, male version of "Dahlia."
  17. Elm - English, meaning "elm tree."
  18. Farley - English, meaning "fern clearing."
  19. Fern - English, meaning "bold voyager."
  20. Fiore - Italian, meaning "flower."
  21. Fiorello - Italian, meaning "little flower."
  22. Flint - English, meaning "stream."
  23. Florian - Latin, meaning "flower."
  24. Fraser - Scottish, meaning "of the forest men."
  25. Garland - English, meaning "wreath of flowers."
  26. Glenn - Irish, meaning "valley."
  27. Hawthorn - English, meaning "hedgerow shrub."
  28. Heath - English, meaning "heather meadow."
  29. Hyacinth - Greek, meaning "blue larkspur."
  30. Indigo - Greek, meaning "Indian dye."
  31. Iris - Greek, meaning "rainbow."
  32. Jarred - Hebrew, meaning "rose flower."
  33. Juniper - Latin, meaning "young."
  34. Kamala - Sanskrit, meaning "lotus."
  35. Kunal - Hindi, meaning "lotus."
  36. Lark - English, meaning "songbird."
  37. Laurel - Latin, meaning "bay tree."
  38. Lian - Chinese, meaning "lotus."
  39. Linden - English, meaning "lime tree."
  40. Lotus - Greek, meaning "lotus flower."
  41. Lupin - Latin, meaning "wolf."
  42. Malik - Arabic, meaning "king, jasmine flower."
  43. Marigold - English, meaning "golden flower."
  44. Nalin - Sanskrit, meaning "lotus."
  45. Oak - English, meaning "oak tree."
  46. Oleander - Greek, meaning "evergreen tree."
  47. Oliver - Latin, meaning "olive tree."
  48. Oran - Hebrew, meaning "light, pine tree."
  49. Perry - English, meaning "pear tree."
  50. Pine - English, meaning "pine tree."
  51. Ren - Japanese, meaning "water lily."
  52. Rhodri - Welsh, meaning "wheel, rose."
  53. River - English, meaning "stream of water."
  54. Roseo - Italian, meaning "rosy."
  55. Rowan - Gaelic, meaning "little red one."
  56. Sage - Latin, meaning "wise, herb."
  57. Silas - Latin, meaning "forest, woods."
  58. Sorrel - French, meaning "reddish-brown flower."
  59. Sully - English, meaning "south meadow."
  60. Tamar - Hebrew, meaning "date palm."
  61. Tansy - Greek, meaning "immortality."
  62. Thorne - English, meaning "thorn bush."
  63. Valerian - Latin, meaning "strength, health."
  64. Vega - Arabic, meaning "falling star."
  65. Verbena - Latin, meaning "sacred foliage."
  66. Vervain - Latin, meaning "sacred plant."
  67. Vireo - Latin, meaning "small green bird."
  68. Willow - English, meaning "willow tree."
  69. Wisteria - German, meaning "flowering vine."
  70. Wolf - Germanic, meaning "wolf."
  71. Yarrow - English, meaning "rough stream."
  72. Yew - Old English, meaning "evergreen tree."
  73. Zephyr - Greek, meaning "west wind."
  74. Zahir - Arabic, meaning "shining, blossoming."
  75. Zen - Japanese, meaning "meditative state, lotus flower."

What Is a Flower Name for Boys? 

Flower names for boys are names that have a connection to flowers, plants, or nature. These names can be inspired by the meaning of the flower, its appearance, or even its scent. Some popular flower names for boys include Oliver (meaning "olive tree"), Ash (meaning "ash tree"), and Sage (meaning "wise" and also a type of herb.

What Is a Boy Plant Name?

A boy plant name is a name that has a connection to plants, trees, or nature. These names can also be inspired by the meaning of the plant or its characteristics. Some examples of popular boy plant names are Linden (meaning "lime tree"), Cedar (a type of tree), and Oakley (meaning "oak wood").

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