Updated February 21, 2023

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All baby boy names that start with the letter L

Are you looking for the perfect baby boy name that starts with L? You're in luck! We've compiled the ultimate list of baby boy names beginning with L to make your baby name search easy and fun.

When considering what name to give your son, L names make strong and unique names for boys. Plus, names starting with L have never been more popular!

Discover rare L names for boys, the best options for boy middle names that start with L, and more! And if you love these boy names and want to explore the other letters of the alphabet, check out our complete list of boy names from A-Z.

Popular Boy Names That Start with L 

Some “L” names have become very popular baby name picks in the last few years. Here are the most popular boy names starting with C according to the latest data from the Social Security Administration.

  1. Liam - Irish for "unwavering protector." Liam was the #1 most popular baby boy name in 2021, according to the Social Security Administration
  2. Levi - Hebrew origin meaning "join" or "unite." Levi was the #11 most popular baby boy name in 2021, according to the Social Security Administration. 
  3. Logan - Scottish name that means "little hollow." Logan ranked #21 most popular boys name.
  4. Leo - Leo is of Greek origin and means "lion." Leo ranked #31. 
  5. Luke - Luke comes from the Greek name Loukas, meaning "man from Lucania." Luke ranked #32. 
  6. Luca - Luca is of English origin and means "bringer of light." It is the Italian variation of Luke or Lucas, meaning "man from Lucania." Luca ranked #42. 
  7. Lincoln - Lincoln is a habitational name from the city of Lincoln, so named from an original British name Lindo- "lake" + Latin colonia "settlement", "colony." Lincoln ranked #45.
  8. Landon - Landon is of Old English origin and means "long hill." Landon ranked #73. 
  9. Leonardo - Leonardo is of German origin and means "lion-hearted." Leonardo ranked #87. 
  10. Luka - The name Luka is of English and Latin origin and means "bringer of light." Luka ranked #115.

Unique and Rare Boy Names That Star with L 

If popular and trendy names aren’t for you, there are plenty of “L” names for boys that are uncommon and unique. Here are some of our favorite unique boy names starting with L. 

  1. LandersMiddle English name meaning “landowner”; also place name: Lander, Wyoming.
  2. Lark - English name meaning "bird."
  3. Laslo - Hungarian name meaning "might" or "fame." 
  4. Leighton - Leighton has Old English origins and means "One from the meadow farm."
  5. Llewellyn - Welsh name meaning "lion."
  6. Ludwig - German for "famous warrior." 
  7. Luigi - German name meaning "famed warrior."
  8. Luther - German for "warrior." 
  9. Lyonel - French name meaning "fierce."
  10. Lysander - Greek name meaning "liberator." 

Modern Boy Names That Start with L 

These trending baby boy names are modern name options for your baby boy. 

  1. Leland - Old English for "from the meadowland." 
  2. Lincoln - Old English for "home by the pond." 
  3. Luca - Italian for "bringer of light." 

Cute Boy Names That Start with L 

These are some of the cutest boy names beginning with L. These boy names are perfect for an adorable baby boy.

  1. Langston - Old English name meaning "long." 
  2. Lawrence - Lawrence is of Latin origin meaning "laurel crown." 
  3. Larry - Latin origin, meaning "laurel crown."  
  4. Lenny - Greek origin, meaning "torch."
  5. Leo - Greek origin, meaning "lion."
  6. Leon - Greek origin, meaning "lion."
  7. Loren - Gender-neutral French name meaning "crowned with laurel"
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