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Our Fave Gender-Neutral Baby Clothes and Gender-Neutral Baby Outfit Ideas!

These adorable gender-neutral baby outfits prove why gender-neutral baby clothes are trending.
Our Fave Gender-Neutral Baby Clothes and Gender-Neutral Baby Outfit Ideas!
Updated: July 27, 2023
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Unisex or gender-neutral baby clothes are a rising trend among today’s parents. In the past, pink baby clothes were typically thought of as for baby girls and blue baby clothes for baby boys – but more parents are choosing non-gendered options

When you announce that the bun in your oven is a little girl, friends, and family flock to find ruffled skirts and pink bows. Likewise, those expecting a boy are often inundated with blue sweatshirts or sports paraphernalia.

 But what if the parents don’t want to know the sex of their baby until birth? Or what happens when their second baby is a boy who is now the recipient of bright pink hand-me-downs? Gender-neutral onesies and infant products are also super practical! 

Whatever the reason, gender-neutral clothing for babies is a popular trend among parents. If you’re looking for gender-neutral baby clothes or wondering how to put together a gender-neutral baby outfit, we’ve rounded up our favorite gender-neutral baby clothes options 

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What Is The Gender-Neutral Trend In Parenting?

While the gender-neutral parenting movement is tied to more modern approaches to gender and parenting, gender-neutral baby clothing is certainly not a new trend. In fact, unisex baby clothing can be traced back centuries when both baby boys and baby girls were dressed in similar white garments until they were toddlers. 

Today, millennial and Gen Z parents are interested in everything from gender-neutral baby showers to gender-neutral nursery decorations! Luckily, retailers are also on-board, making it much easier to find clothing without clicking on a specific gender or walking into a boy or girl section. This trend even extends to infant products, with more parents than ever opting for unisex baby clothes and monochromatic toys for their little ones. 

What Colors Are Gender-Neutral for Babies?

The gender-neutral trend isn’t about following rules, so there aren’t any specific colors you should avoid. A baby boy can wear pink or purple, and a baby girl can wear blue! From black and white to yellow and green, there are a ton of unisex colors that will suit both baby boys and baby girls. 

  • Pure neutral tones: Such as black, white, and grey
  • Earth tones: Such as muted shades of brown, green, orange, yellow, and red
  • Muted jewel tones: Such as shades of red and purple

Benefits Of Gender-Neutral Baby Clothes

Dressing your little one in gender-neutral baby clothes has a plethora of benefits, some of which you may not even realize! 

Buy baby clothes without knowing the baby’s sex 

gender neutral clothes for baby
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Instead of having a nursery packed with blue or pink, many parents are waiting to find out the sex of their baby until birth. But how are those parents supposed to prepare without knowing the sex? Go gender-neutral!

Help kids express themselves beyond gender stereotypes 

Instead of dressing a little boy in blue and putting a ball or truck in his hands as soon as he can grasp it, gender-neutral clothing and toys allow kids to choose their likes and dislikes without conforming to traditional gender roles

Save money with gender neutral hand me downs

Instead of buying new clothes every time you have a new baby, gender-neutral clothing allows you to hand down all clothes from one baby to the next. Little sister can wear big brother’s onesies and pajamas – and vice versa! 

Plus, gender-neutral supplies will give you more resell options if you choose to sell off items when your kids are older.

Embrace sustainability over gender trends 

Sustainable parenting is also a popular choice for today’s parents. When you can pass clothes, toys, bedding, and other baby items down from one child to the next (or give it to friends and family), fewer clothes end up in landfills and less gas gets used driving around to stores. 

If you go with gender-neutral baby products, you won’t feel like you have to buy a whole new set of pink or blue items just because you’re having a boy or girl. 

Our Favorite Gender-Neutral Baby Outfit Ideas 

We consulted with experts and parents to narrow down the best baby gender-neutral outfits for your little one. We also tapped into these experts' advice to determine which brands were readily available on Amazon or Target.

  1. Cecobora Baby Cotton Linen One Piece Jumpsuit

With several styles and unisex colors, this one-piece outfit will keep your baby boy or baby girl comfortable all year long. For the cold seasons, just add a cardigan or long-sleeve bodysuit to keep warm. The linen material is soft and breathable on your baby’s skin, and the buttons make it effortless to change a dirty diaper.

You can purchase this baby jumpsuit on Amazon.

  1. Baby Premium Modal 2-Piece Set

Thanks to this top and bottom set, you don’t have to worry about finding matching joggers or t-shirts while trying to run out the door. The super soft modal fabric is designed with extra stretch to accommodate an active baby, while the expandable neckline and elastic waist allow for quick dressing. The material is also standard 100 by Oeko-Tex certified to ensure it’s free from harmful substances.

You can purchase this 2-piece set at Target.

  1. Parade Organic '2-Way' Zip Romper

Parade Organics is one of the frontrunners for using only certified organic cotton for its baby clothes. The fabrics are printed by hand with eco-friendly inks making each item unique and sustainable. 

Those with sensitive skin will also appreciate the nickel-free snaps and Azo-free dyes. This romper is also safe for machine-wash and is available in sizes for your newborn baby and toddler.

You can purchase this gender-neutral romper on Amazon.

  1. Disney Winnie the Pooh Top and Bottom Set

A ton of outfit options are available with this three-piece Winnie the Pooh shorts set that comes with shorts, a bodysuit, and a hoodie shirt. Thanks to the elastic shorts, crotch snaps, and lap shoulders, changing a dirty diaper or a messy bodysuit is effortless.

You can purchase this adorable Winnie the Pooh outfit at Target.

  1. Simple Joys By Carters Babies' 3-Piece Sweater Set

This super soft three-piece sweater and pants set is adorable and comfortable for any baby. The set comes with a button-up cardigan, leggings, and a long-sleeve top. 

Since all items are tag-free, it’s ideal for those with sensory issues. Plus, the entire set is machine-washable and makes for a chic gift set.

You can purchase this baby sweater set on Amazon.

The Best Gender-Neutral Onesies

gender neutral onesies for babies

  1. Hudson Baby Unisex Baby Cotton Long Sleeve Bodysuits

This set comes with three baby bodysuits with an adorable forest graphic tee design. The fabric is 100% cotton, making it safe and gentle on your baby’s skin. They’re safe for the washing machine and have snap closures to easily change a diaper.

You can purchase this long sleeve baby bodysuit on Amazon.

  1. Simple Joys Babies' Side Snap Bodysuit

Side snap onesies are perfect for preemies, newborns, and active infants, making them excellent baby shower gifts. This set comes in neutral colors and is designed with nickel-free snaps. Plus, they’re made from 100% cotton and are machine-washable.

You can purchase this on Amazon.

3. Onesies Brand 8-Pack Mix And Match Short Sleeve Bodysuits

This pack of eight onesies will keep your baby in style for an entire week, depending on how many accidents they have. The neutral beige tones are ideal for boys or girls, and they have a snap closure for effortless changes.

You can purchase this simple onesie pack on Amazon.

The Best Gender-Neutral Baby Pajamas

  1. Cloud Island Baby Modal Nightgown

Whether your baby doesn’t love to swaddle or you don’t want to deal with snaps or zippers in the middle of the night, these soft baby pajamas and nightgowns are the perfect options. Since they’re long-sleeved and designed with medium-weight fabric, they’ll keep babies comfortable and warm throughout the night.

You can purchase this cute gender-neutral nightgown at  Target.

  1. Gerber 4-Pack Sleep 'N Play Footie Pajamas

Keep your little one warm at night or while at home during the day with this four-pack of cotton pajamas. They have attached booties to keep your baby’s feet warm and a safety tab on the top of the zipper for protection.

You can purchase these adorable baby footie PJs on Amazon.

Not only does choosing gender-neutral outfits for babies avoid assigning your little one to a specific identity, gender-neutral colors, and patterns can give off a chic, natural, and elegant feel. Start building up your baby’s wardrobe with these cute clothing options, and they’ll always look adorable! 

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