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5 Sweet Gender-Neutral Nursery Themes

Nowadays, many parents choose to find of the gender of their child. It's awfully tempting, right? But for those of you who wait (way to go!), you may need some inspiration for gender-neutral nursery themes.
Animal-Themed Gender-Neutral Nursery

1. Sweet Animals

Long gone are the days of bordered walls with Disney characters. Enter adorable and sweet animals that are sure to soothe both baby and parents. Neutral colored animals work well with most colors Think: elephants, llamas, giraffes, bunnies, etc. Since the animals are similar to a blank pallete, you can have fun introducing complementary colors like gray and yellow, beige and orange, or black and green.

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2. Shapes

The simplicity of shapes can be calming and beautiful. Less really is more when picking a shape to work with. I personally like choosing one favorite shape and making a focal wall. You can use wallpaper, wall art, or freehand. If you're feeling daring choose a fun fabric to incorporate into the bedding and curtains. Ikea has some wild, yet fun fabrics. Cats and stars, mice and triangles to name a few!

Shape-Themed Gender-Neutral Nursery

Photo Source: Google

3. Modern & Bold

If your taste is modern, stores like Land of Nod and and West Elm are worth browsing to finalize your nursery themes . High end stores are pricey, but provide one-of-a-kind inspiration that you can recreate on a budget. Geometric patterns, brightly colored art (food, transporation, etc.) and darkly colored walls are great options. Also, don't be afraid to shop non-baby stores -- you may find special pieces that will grow with your child.

Modern Geometric Gender-Neutral Nursery

Photo Source: Pinterest

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Who would think that a black wall would work in a nursery? Yet it does!

Black Wall Gender-Neutral Nursery

Photo Source: Pinterest

4. Mixing Old With New

I have a soft spot for antiques, yet I'm also drawn to modern elements of design. There are no rules when it comes to designing a gender-neutral nursery theme. Pairing old and new items gives a nursery wonderful depth and creative elements. The photo below -- totally swoon worthy.

Antique Gender-Neutral Nursery

Photo Source: Pinterest

If the photo above is a bit too out there, check out what's below. So sophisticated and sweet.

Old and New Gender-Neutral Nursery

Photo Source: Pinterest

5. Whimsical

Trees, clouds, the sun and moon are magical for little eyes to see. If you're artistic, you can paint your own mural, or there are wonderful stick-on options at stores like Target or Babies 'R Us.

You can even mix themes like the images below -- there's a whimsy mural with a star rug. Don't be afraid to mix neutrals like these together. They add character and personality to a nursery. You can also add newborn photos once your little one arrives.

Whimsical Gender-Neutral Nursery

Photo Source: Pinterest

Remember to have fun! You will be spending lots of time in your little one's nursery. My last piece of advice, while a bit unrelated, get a wonderful chair that you can sleep in. What nursery themes are you deciding between? Tell us below!

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