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  • Indian First Names

    Indian names almost always consist of a given name as well as zero to three secondary names, but commonly they consist of three names like in the ... read more

  • Irish First Names

    Irish given names are often Gaelic in nature, and heavily inspired by Gaelic culture and folklore. Irish first names are also often drawn fro... read more

  • Italian First Names

    Traditionally, most Italian first names or given names were derived from the names of Saints. They are also inspired by the name day tradition, wh... read more

  • Korean First Names

    Korean given names are often comprised of a generational name syllable and a distinct syllable. A generation name actually originates from Chinese... read more

  • Latin First Names

    Latin was the language of ancient Rome and was spoken in the areas around Rome, originally known as Latium. It was the dominant language throughou... read more

  • Polish First Names

    Traditional Slavic names are often used in Poland. As one of the most religious countries in Europe, Polish names are also often heavily inspired ... read more

  • Russian First Names

    Eastern Slavic naming customs are most frequently used in Russia. A traditional Russian name consists of a given name, patronymic name, and a fami... read more

  • Spanish First Names

    Since Spanish is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world, Spanish first names not only come from Spain, but also many oth... read more

  • Swedish First Names

    In Sweden, it is common to have two given names. One of these two given names is referred to as the calling name, which is what the person is call... read more