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  • African First Names

    In Africa, particularly West Africa, names hold an important traditional significance. Baby naming ceremonies are considered a crucial event and o... read more

  • American First Names

    The United States does not have many structured or rigid laws around naming conventions, so American names tend to be more creative and follow the... read more

  • Arabic First Names

    Rather than having a given, middle, and last name, Arabs have a chain of names instead consisting of a number of different parts including: the is... read more

  • English First Names

    The Angles and Saxons began settling in Britain in the fifth century, which is when Old English names were first introduced and used. As groups su... read more

  • Gaelic First Names

    Gaelic is a Celtic language that includes the speech of ancient Ireland and the dialects that have developed from it, especially those usuall... read more

  • Greek First Names

    Up until the 18th century, almost all Christian Greeks were named after Orthodox saints. Since then, many Greek first names are have been heavily ... read more

  • Hawaiian First Names

    Hawaiian names hold deep meaning and are chosen intentionally to reflect a certain meaning. Hawaiian names also reflect social class and status, a... read more

  • Hebrew First Names

    Hebrew first names first started being used after the Exile to Babylon. Throughout the Talmudic period a large proportion of names were of Greek o... read more