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8 Reasons Why Being Pregnant During The Holidays is Awesome

This is a countdown to the number one reason why it is merrier than mistletoe to be expecting a tiny human during the holidays. There's nothing better than being pregnant during the holiday season!
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Updated: September 8, 2023
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The holidays can be a time of stress for so many of us. I wondered if pregnancy provided women with a sense of comfort or was an added factor to the holiday hustle and bustle. I reached out to moms in various stages of their pregnancy and parenting journey to see if the thoughts surrounding their holiday bumps were of sugar plums and presents or stockings filled with coal. This is a countdown to the number one reason why it is merrier than mistletoe to be expecting a tiny human during the holidays.

8. Getting Out of Obligations

That’s right, your bump is your new excuse! It also works for dipping out early! Take full advantage of having a baby-on-board this holiday season, ditch the crowd, and slip home to something cozy! You may actually need extra sleep in various points of your pregnancy. Respect your body when it tells you that it needs to rest.

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7. Wear Whatever You Want

No matter where you go, you will no doubt receive a shower of compliments. There is just something about a bump that makes people never notice that you are wearing yoga pants and the same shirt you’ve worn to the last three events! Boston Stylist and Founder of H.Grant Style, Helena Grant, recommends this versatile and practical Travel Wrap! It will be the first thing you grab when you pack for trips because it can be used as a blanket, cover up, and stroller cover!

6. Baby Gear Jackpot

Between Black Friday, holiday gifts, and baby showers, you will not have a single item on your wishlist left unpurchased. Even though your baby isn’t here yet, you can expect holiday gifts especially for them. Baby items are generally hot ticket items for Black Friday deals so you can knock out the larger items on your registry and save big at the same time!

5. The Perfect “No”

No as in “no drama,” “no hosting,” and “no traveling” if it means going to Aunt Donna’s who always has terrible breath and just can’t keep her opinion to herself, ever. All the tension-filled conversations that are bound to happen—this is your ticket out. Know how to set boundaries in your pregnancy and birth. Boundaries can be difficult to set in a large setting like holiday gatherings so dedicate a little bit of time to thinking about how you will respond to unsolicited comments and advice.

4. Naps

Being pregnant is the best excuse to escape and catch a snooze. This includes sleeping in. You don’t need an excuse other than “I’m growing a tiny human” to enjoy these final months of rest. Soon, and for a few years to come, sleep will be a precious commodity.

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3. Mindset Shift

Almost every single mom that I asked mentioned something about mindfulness and being more present than ever. You can grab a free download here all about shifting your mindset in pregnancy, postpartum, and parenthood. After facing challenges with conceiving, Shayna Mahoney, due in early 2019, said this holiday season was extra special because “the last few years have been really difficult because I was so sad not to be pregnant.” She told me, “there’s nothing more magical than growing a baby – the best gift!"

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2. Eating Everything

I asked a good friend, Crystal Daykin, due in spring 2019, why she was excited to be pregnant through the holidays this time around and she responded, “Besides an excuse to eat all the stuffing and mashed potatoes I want?” So many women responded with comments on their body image. Remember you’re eating for two. Eat healthy (and as organic as possible) and eat when you are hungry. Have second helpings and blame the baby for taking the last piece of pie! If morning sickness is disrupting life, grab a free remedy guide here.

1. Gratitude

The holiday season heightens excitement. That’s why we see an increase in engagements during the holidays followed by baby announcements in the spring if you know what I mean. Humans gain a heightened sense of gratitude during the holidays. Kristi Gracie, mom of two, said the “holidays are a magical time and so is being pregnant!” This will cause everyone around you to be a little more gracious and understanding to you. After all, you’re growing a baby. Rachael Willard, due in early 2019, said she loves thinking about having a baby next year during the holidays to share the memories with. This episode of The Tranquility Tribe Podcast explains how this feeling of gratitude can actually impact your birth and postpartum experience!

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