• Pregnancy
    Birth Story: Epidural Pain Relief
    Alice was having her first baby. Her pregnancy had been uncomplicated and she had written a birth plan with her husband outlining her desire for a natural childbirth by keeping active and using TENS and then warm water to deal with contractions. ...
  • Effects of General Anesthesia on You and Your Baby
    General Anesthesia
    Anesthesia for Pain Relief
    This type of regional anesthesia involves injecting a local anesthetic into the vagina where the pudendal nerves are located to reduce pain in the vagina and perineum. The pudendal needle is quite long and thick, so before the injection is given,...
  • Pregnancy
    Relaxation Techniques
    Massage and Touch During Labor
    Many women find massage helpful in labor to induce relaxation, bring about a sense of well-being, and alleviate pain. Your birth partner may find it relaxing and therapeutic too. Ideally, he or she will have had a chance to see massage techniques...
  • Pain Relief Medications
    Drugs for Pain Relief
    Drugs for Pain Relief
    For some, natural pain relief may not be sufficient to enable them to deal with the increasing intensity of contractions, and they may choose to use medication in combination with natural techniques. In some situations, for example if labor is in...
  • Pregnancy
    Coping With Pain
    Coping With Pain
    Labor pain is unique and quite different from everyday chronic and acute pain. Generally, pain is a warning sign that something is wrong, but labor pain acts as an "alert" that the birth process is underway and that you need a safe environment in...
  • Managing a Natural Delivery
    Natural and Home Births
    Natural Childbirth: A Real-Life Experience
    Natural Childbirth: A Real-Life Experience Mom-isms Your cervix is fully dilated when it has stretched open to the maximum. This provides the opening through which your child will pass. During the late stages of dilation, you may hear the doctor...