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It’s not easy to prepare for labor pain, but early awareness and relevant information can help you take the right action when the time comes. Watch on the video to learn about some of the common symptoms and signs of labor:

1. Physical Symptoms

Have you started to experience cramping in your pelvic or rectal area or dull pain in your lower back? Feeling heartburn or gassiness? All of these symptoms might be a sign of imminent labor pain.

2. Varying Emotional State

During the final hours spent waiting for your future bundle of joy, your emotional state will swing a lot with an influx of new thoughts, fears of the birthing pain, anxiety, and excitement about the additional responsibilities.

3. Braxton Hick’s Contractions & Tricky False Labor

Ladies, you all must be feeling Braxton Hick’s Contractions throughout your pregnancy. But, how do you know whether these are fake contractions or the real labor pain? Braxton Hick’s contractions create feelings of tightening that are irregular and fade away in a shorter duration, unlike labor pain, which persists and intensifies gradually.

4. The ‘Bloody Show

Has sticky, jelly-like pink mucus started showing up out of your vagina? This symptom might be a sign that labor pain is imminent.

5. The Breaking of Water

When your “water” - the protective amniotic fluid breaks, it is a clear sign of labor and requires immediate attention from your doctor.

We hope that this list of signs and symptoms prepares you for the expected labor pain. For more parenting and birthing tips, visit

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