• Emergency Childbirth Situation
    Shoulder Dystocia
    Shoulder Dystocia
    Shoulder dystocia is an emergency situation during a delivery that occurs when the baby's head has been successfully delivered, but the shoulders appear to be stuck. Since the head may be delivered fairly easily, the problem is often not discover...
  • Episiotomy and Complicated Births
    Episiotomies and Perineal Tears
    An episiotomy is a cut made between your vagina and anus to aid the delivery. Around 30 years ago, episiotomies were routine since it was assumed that a cut prevented worse tears. This has been shown since not to be the case, and today, an episio...
  • Delivery and Medication Options
    Medical Interventions
    Types of Delivery
    Types of Delivery Sometimes you have a choice about how your baby will enter the world; other times (due to medical necessity or emergency) you do not. As you wait out your pregnancy, it's a good idea to learn about possible types of delivery s...