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75 Girl Names That Mean Strength for Your Powerful Girl

These girl names mean strong and brave, so you can be sure your baby girl has strength and resilience.
75 Powerful Girl Names
Updated: May 13, 2023
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If you’re looking for a strong baby girl name for your powerful little one, we’ve got a comprehensive list of girl names that mean strength to inspire you.

While it’s fun to think of baby names, there’s a lot of pressure to pick a single name that will stay with your child for the rest of their life. Names can be inspired by personal experiences or just a name you think sounds cute! For instance, should you choose a name after an adorable cartoon character or a unique baby name you’ve never heard of before?

However, if you get the sense that your baby will be fierce or is destined to be a leader, you may want to consider a strong name. This list of girls' names includes unique names, trendy names, and old names that are too good to forget about. So, here are 75 girl names that mean strength for your powerful girl.

75 Girl Names That Mean Strength

  1. Adira - Hebrew name for “noble and powerful”
  2. Ailia - Scottish name meaning “from the strong place”
  3. Alessia - Italian name meaning “defender”
  4. Alexandra or Alexandria - Greek name meaning “to defend mankind” or “protector”
  5. Alsie - German origins, means “strong”
  6. Amira - Arabic name meaning “commander”
  7. Andrea - Greek name meaning “strong,” and is also the feminine form of Andrew
  8. Aoife - Irish name meaning “beauty” or “warrior” in Irish – also after a warrior princess in Irish mythology
  9. Artemis - Taken from Greek mythology after the goddess of the hunt and the moon
  10. Athena - Greek mythology roots after the Greek goddess of war and wisdom
  11. Audrey - Traditional English name, means “noble” and “strength”
  12. Avianna or Avyanna - American name from old Sanskrit words, means “strong woman” or “powerful woman”
  13. Baldey - Icelandic name meaning “bold” and “dangerous”
  14. Bali - Indian name that means “mighty warrior” in ancient Sanskrit
  15. Bellatrix - Bella for short – means “female warrior” in Latin and is taken from one of the stars of Orion
  16. Berke - Turkish and Mongolian roots, means “strong” or “firm”
  17. Bernadette - German and French origins, means “brave bear”
  18. Bree - Irish name meaning “exalted one”
  19. Brenda - Norse name meaning “sword”
  20. Briana - Irish name for “noble” or “honorable”
  21. Bridget - Irish origins, means “noble” or “power”
  22. Briella - Italian and Hebrew origins, means “God is my strength”
  23. Bryndis - Scandinavian name for “adorned in strong armor”
  24. Camilla - Take from Roman mythology after a legendary warrior maiden
  25. Cassandra - Taken from Greek mythology, means “the one who excels over men”
  26. Chasina - Aramaic name for “strong” and “mighty”
  27. Colette - French name meaning “people of victory”
  28. Diana - After the Roman goddess of hunting and the moon, and a popular English name after Princess Diana
  29. Elaheh - Muslim name for “like a goddess”
  30. Everette - Old English name meaning “brave and strong”
  31. Emersyn - Old English name, means “brave and powerful”
  32. Fallon - Irish name meaning “descended from a ruler”
  33. Finley - Scotting name meaning “fair warrior”
  34. Gertrude - German origins, means “strong spear”
  35. Harriet - Feminine form of Henry, means “home ruler”
  36. Hera - After Greek god Zeus’ wife who was known as the goddess of marriages; also means “queen”
  37. Hilde or Hildegarde - Traditional old German name meaning “battle ready” or “battle woman”
  38. Imara - Swahili name that means “strong” or “strong-willed”
  39. Isa - German name meaning “strong-willed”
  40. Jara - Slavic name that means “fierce”
  41. Jasira - Arabic name for “bold” or “courageous”
  42. Kaimana - Hawaiian name meaning “powerful sea”
  43. Kana - After the Hawaiian demigod who connected two islands and Japanese name meaning “powerful”
  44. Karla - Scandinavian name for “womanly strength” and Latin name for “strong one”
  45. Kelsey - Old English name meaning “brave”
  46. Kendra - Welsh name meaning “wise ruler”
  47. Keren - Hebrew girls name for “power” or strength” – different from Karen, which means “pure”
  48. Kiah - Welsh and Hebrew origins - means “queen” or “God is strength”
  49. Kinley - Gaelic origin, means “daughter of the white warrior” or “warrior”
  50. Lenna - English name meaning “lion-hearted”
  51. Marcella - Italian name meaning “war-like” and “strong”
  52. Matilda - Old German origins, means “mighty in battle”
  53. Maude - Old German name for “powerful battler” or “mighty in battle”
  54. Meredith - Old Welsh origins, means “protector of the sea”
  55. Mildred - Old English origin meaning “strength”
  56. Millicent - German name meaning “strong work”
  57. Minka - Polish name meaning “strong-willed warrior”
  58. Moxie - American name for “strength of character"
  59. Myla - Latin name meaning “soldier”
  60. Nikita - Greek name for “she who is unconquered” or “victory”
  61. Nina - A common name in Spain and Russia after the Babylonian goddess of oceans and Incan goddess of fire – Also has Native American roots meaning “strong”
  62. Nyathera - Can be called Nya as a nickname. Kenyan name meaning “she survived”
  63. Philomena - Greek name meaning “lover of strength”
  64. Qadira - Arabic name for “powerful” or “capable”
  65. Reika - German name meaning “power of the home” or “power of the wolf”
  66. Rhiannon - After the Welsh goddess of horses and also means “goddess” or “great queen”
  67. Sage - Latin name for “wise”
  68. Sasha or Sascha - Gender-neutral name with Russian, Ukrainian and French roots, means “defending or mankind” or “protector”
  69. Trudy - German name for “universal strength”
  70. Tyra - Scandinavian origin, means “Thor’s warrior” or “thunder warrior”
  71. Valentine - English origin, means “strong and healthy”
  72. Valerie - Latin origins, means “valiant and fierce”
  73. Valeria - Spanish name that means “strong”
  74. Wei - Chinese name meaning “power”
  75. Wilma - German name for “helmet of will” or “protection”

For more baby names and inspiration, check out our Baby Name Center. If you’re looking for a name for your baby boy, we’ve also compiled a list of strong boy names.

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Powerful Girl Names

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