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Our Top 10 Predictions For The Royal Baby Name

The royal baby is due spring 2019. Based on what we know about Meghan and Harry, and baby name trends, here's are our top predictions for the royal baby name.
prince harry and meghan markle
Updated: March 15, 2019

What’s in a name? Well, when you’re a British Royal, a lot actually. And when you’re seventh in line for the throne, well, the pressure is on a little. In October, Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, announced they were expecting their first child in the spring of 2019. For those of us with royal baby fever (yes, we know Prince Louis was just born,) there has been a lot of speculation of what the newest addition to the royal family will be like. Will it have Harry’s signature red hair? Who will it look like? And yes, what will the Duke and Duchess name their little one?

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In terms of names, the possibilities are somewhat endless. While the Queen does have to approve of the names of her great-grandchildren, it seems that she is fairly open in terms of her allowances. Harry has a cousin named Zara, and his cousin Peter has daughters named Savannah and Isla. Because Harry is currently sixth in line for the throne, many believe that it’s safe to say he nor his children will likely ever get the chance.

Because of this, they may have a little more freedom in terms of names. However, chances are they will at very least keep in line with names that come from the family. Harry and Meghan don’t seem like the type of people to name their child Princess Dewdrop of Sussex or anything like that. So, even if they do choose something a little less well known, it will likely still carry a certain amount of tradition. Obviously, we won’t know until the little one arrives what they choose, but here are a list of 10 possibilities.


One of the most obvious choices. Philip is the name of Harry’s grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh.

Phillip Duke of Edinburgh


This unisex name will hold a special place in Harry’s heart, it was his mother’s middle name.


Arthur is a common middle name for the royal family, so maybe now is its time to shine?


Theodora was the middle name of Queen Victoria’s youngest daughter, Princess Beatrice. Ever since, it has been used intermittently in the family.


Spencer is the surname of Harry’s maternal family, before she was Princess Diana, she was Lady Diana Spencer.

Princess Diana


This regal sounding name is also the name of actress Abigail Spencer, who is one of Meghan’s best girlfriends.


Another common middle name, Frederick was used for both Harry’s maternal great and great-great grandfathers, George V and George VI.

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A derivative of the name ‘Victoria,’ it was apparently the nickname of one of Queen Victoria’s daughters.


Harry’s great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother was born Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon.


It is no uncommon for royalty to name their children after themselves, so they could go down this route and name the baby after her mother’s given name, Rachel.

We actually don’t have a favorite name from the list; they’re all so great. But we will definitely be anticipating the newest royal, and their name!

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