• Kids
    Olympic Games
    Memorable Ceremonies
    Do you remember the most memorable ceremonies of the Olympic Games? Take this quiz and find out. ...
    John Gettings
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    Junk Food
    Candy Quiz
    Test your knowledge of tasty treats in our candy quiz. ...
    Holly Hartman
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    Power Struggles
    My Child Won't Eat
    A child who won't eat may be having a power struggle with the parent. Find out why the problem may not really be food-related. ...
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    Black Athletes Quiz
    Test your knowledge of famous African American athletes who made a difference. ...
    Ann-Marie Imbornoni
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    FA Cup Quiz
    See how much you know about the The Football Association Challenge Cup. ...
    Liz Olson
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    Baseball Players
    All-Star Baseball Quiz
    The best players compete in the annual Major League Baseball All-Star game. What do you know about this tradition? ...
    Mike Morrison
  • Fun Family Fitness, Mom and girl hula hooping outside for exercise
    Exercise and Sports
    8 Fun (and Cheap!) Family Fitness Activities
    Looking for some fun family "workouts" that feel more like play? Check out these simple outdoor activities that will get everyone in your family off the couch and help you bond while burning some calories. ...
    Erin Dower
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    Major League Ballparks Quiz
    From Friendly Fenway to the San Francisco bay, and everywhere in between, find out how much you know about Major League baseball stadiums. ...
    Mike Morrison
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    Olympic Games
    Winter Olympics Trivia
    The Olympic Games are a sporting tradition. How much do you know about the wintertime games? ...
    Mike Morrison
  • MammothSkiResort
    Ski Resorts
    Top Family-Friendly Ski Resorts in North America
    Skiing and snowboarding are great ways to get outside as a family during the winter months. Here are some of the best resorts for families. ...
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    Good Sportsmanship
    Why Most Kids Quit Sports
    Why Most Kids Quit SportsTwenty million kids register each year for youth hockey, football, baseball,soccer, and other competitive sports. The National Alliance for Sportsreports that 70 percent of these kids quit playing these league sports byag...
    Carleton Kendrick Ed.M., LCSW
  • Family Life
    Kidney Stones
    Kidney Stones on the Rise in U. S. Children
    Kidney Stones on the Rise in U. S. ChildrenIf you need another reason to avoid feeding your children processed and junk food, you've got one: It's a suspected cause of a growing health problem in young children – kidney stones.A recent New York...
    Nancy Witting
  • Food
    Vitamins and Supplements
    Vitamin D Recommendations Doubled for Children
    Vitamin D Recommendations Doubled for Children The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has doubled the amount of vitamin D it recommends for infants, children, and adolescents. As recently as 2003, the AAP recommended 200 international units (IU...
    Lindsay Hutton
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    Food Groups
    Nutrition Quiz: Myth or Fact?
    Are you a health whiz? Do you know what's best for you and your children? Take our nutrition quiz to find out surprising facts and bogus myths. ...
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    Good Sportsmanship
    When Good Kids Are Bad Sports
    When Good Kids Are Bad SportsThe SceneEight-year-old Alissa's soccer team is just about to lose its big game when you see her shove one of her opponents. The referee removes her from the game, and she sits sulking on the sidelines.It's always ups...
    Dr. Susan Linn
  • bushels of apples, fruits
    Organic Foods
    14 Must-Buy Organic Foods
    Pesticides help protect crops by warding off damaging weeds, diseases, and bugs, but they also leave a residue on our produce. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, certain fruits and vegetables consistently carry much higher levels of...
    Lindsay Hutton
  • Diabetes blood sugar test
    Weight and Diabetes in Kids
    Weight and Diabetes in Kids A study completed in 2004 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that more than 12.5 million (17.1%) of children ages 2-19 in the United States were overweight. From 1999 to 2004, overweight and obesit...
    Julie Deaner
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    Planning Healthy Meals
    Balanced Meal Planner
    Find Balance in Your Family's DietOh, no! This page is temporarily down for maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience. Meanwhile, check out our related content while we work on getting it back up and running. 15 Ways to Disguise Vegetables...