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    Cliques and Fitting In
    Cliques and Fitting In(Brought to you by National PTA) A Chicago mom confesses that her beautiful sixth-grade daughter cries in her room nightly, afraid she won't look right tomorrow and she will lose her standing in her group at school. A teach...
    Charlene C. Giannetti and Margaret Sagarese
  • Teens
    Peer Influence and Peer Pressure
    Being Popular
    It's a good idea to have conversations with a child about what it means to be popular. Girls in their early teens often worry too much about popularity. ...
  • Child having trouble fitting in at school
    Trouble Fitting In
    If your child doesn't succeed on the playing field, find other ways to boost his self-image. ...
  • Kids
    Playground Cliques
    Just because a child hasn't made any loyal friends doesn't mean she should be removed from school and homeschooled. ...