Top 10 Rainy Day Activities for Kids

by: Laurie Mega
If bad weather is keeping your family cooped up inside, don't fret. I've compiled my favorite rainy day activities for my kids.

If you're like me, with two toddlers at home, a rainy day is enough to send you into a tailspin. No playground. No park. No bike rides. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO ALL DAY?!

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Before you go totally off the deep end, take a breath. We at FamilyEducation have compiled our tested-and-approved rainy day activities for kids.

Family Movie Day (or Night)

What's better than cuddling up with your kids, a blanket and a coffee table full of snacks for a family movie night? Not much. My kids love the opportunity to chow on munchies and watch a full-length movie.

On the next rainy day or night, turn the family room into your own personal theater. Find a movie the whole family will like, settle in and enjoy the show!

Family Game Day

If you'd rather your family time was spent sans screen, try a classic board game. Whether you're snapping up real estate in Monopoly or resisting the tempting treats in Candy Land, playing board games are a great way to spend a leisurely day at home.

Make a Blanket Fort

Blanket Fort

All toys are better when they're inside a blanket fort, trust me. When the next rainy day comes around, help your kids construct their own super-fort in the family room.

My boys will stay busy for hours coloring or playing with their action figures. Because for some reason, boring old toys take on new life when under the roof of a blanket.

Make a Rain Stick

If you're feeling crafty, gather up a paper towel tube, crayons, tinfoil, masking tape, dry rice and a long pipe cleaner. Have your child color and decorate the paper towel tube. Next, fasten tinfoil to one end with masking tape. Coil the pipe cleaner and fit it into the tube, along with the rice. Secure the other end of the tube with tinfoil and tape. Your child's rain stick is now ready to make soothing rain sounds!

Doggy Scavenger Hunt

If you happen to have a furry friend in your family, include him in your rainy day adventures. Hide doggy treats in puppy-friendly places, and see if Fido can sniff out all his hidden prizes. Time his progress and see if he can beat his record on the next rainy-day scavenger hunt.

Cook Together

As long as the kids are stuck indoors, why not spend the day together making a family-favorite recipe? Make cooking fun with your assistant chiefs by assigning responsibilities. My youngest likes to mix while my oldest likes to shake in the herbs and spices (under my supervision).

Not only will they feel important and useful, they'll also be proud they helped make something. Plus, you get to get some cooking done for the week!

Play Hide and Seek

Play Hide and Seek

Yeah, I know this one is kind of simple, but little kids LOVE simple. Use the whole house and get creative with the rules of the game. For example, kids have to recite the alphabet instead of counting to ten.

Your kids won't be too difficult to find. Mine usually pop out of their hiding spots as soon as I enter the room. (Play it up a bit and pretend they are impossible to find.)

Have a Dance Party

Help release some of their seemingly endless energy with some loud music. Dancing around the house will help you burn off pent-up energy and get some exercise.

Pro tip: Sure, you can do this with kids songs, but try pop and dance songs (clean ones), too. My kids love all kinds of music, and the heavier the beat the better!

Read a Good Book

Cuddle up in a blanket with her favorite book and read together -- or start a series together like Harry Potter or The Chronicles of Narnia. Take turns reading, or have her read to you to keep her focused and interested.

Play Charades

Jimmy Fallon made Charades cool again! This is another great way to get the wiggles out, and have some laughs at the goofy moves you come up with. If you don't know how to play, we have the rules!

If you're looking for indoor activities specifically for toddlers, we have those, too! Check out our video!