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Bring a little music into your kids' lives! It can help kids improve their coordination, understand their culture, relax, and even improve their math skills! These musical activities, tips, and resources will help you develop your child's musical talents.

10 Best Creative Apps for Kids

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A la Limon: A Traditional Puerto Rican Song

This printable has the musical notation and wording for the traditional Puerto Rican song, A La Limon. read more

Balloon Dance

Balloon DanceDirections Attach air-inflated balloons to short lengths of string. Have your child hold the balloon away from her body and move around it, trying not to get too close. Still holding the string, toss the balloon into the air and let it float down. Follow the movement the balloon is making by going upwards when the balloon is tossed and downwards as the balloon floats down. Holding the string, do turning and wave-like movements with the balloon. Turn on some music and create a dance with the balloon. read more

Beep Game

Beep GameDirections Choose a familiar story, song, or rhyme that your child has heard often. Read or recite the story, song, or rhyme, but substitute wrong words or names in obvious places. For example: "Old MacDonald had a car" or "Mary had a little dog." Have your child listen for the incorrect words and say "Beep!" when he hears one. read more

Clockwork Marching

Clockwork MarchingDirections read more

Coffee Can Drum

Coffee Can DrumMaterials Empty coffee can with 2 plastic lids Contact paper or your child's artwork Glue Pencil Empty thread spool Directions read more

Dance and Fall Down

Dance and Fall DownMaterials Music Directions Put on some music and dance around the room with your child. When the music stops, everyone falls down. When the music begins again, everyone gets up and dances some more. read more

Dance Ribbon

Dance RibbonMaterials Empty key chain or plastic shower curtain ring Long lengths of brightly colored ribbon or plastic Directions Attach 3- or 4-foot lengths of brightly colored ribbon or plastic to an empty key chain or plastic shower curtain ring. Your child can wave the ribbon in the air as he runs or twirl it in time to the music as he dances. read more

Easter Egg Maracas

Easter Egg MaracasMaterials: Small plastic Easter eggs Pennies, dried beans, small rocks, popcorn kernels, beads, buttons, and so on Glue gun Empty egg carton Directions: read more

Easy Rhythm Instruments

Easy Rhythm InstrumentsTime 5 to 10 minutes Materials Objects to hit together such as small pots and pans, aluminum tins, spoon and a small boxMetal salt shaker filled with riceTwo wooden spoons Directions Young children have natural rhythm, and if you put on some music and offer these "instruments," you can have fun moving playfully together. Extensions read more

Encouraging Piano Practice

The best thing parents can do, regarding music or any other child-generated interest, is to provide their kids with a non-pressured introduction to the activity. read more

Encouraging Your Teen's Musical Talents

Encouraging Your Teen's Musical TalentsBrought to you by MENC: The National Association for Music Education. Is your teen a music buff? Encourage his interests and talents with the following tips. 1. Expose your teen to all kinds of music. Try listening to music that's outside your usual range: classical (opera, symphonic, chamber music), pop, country, folk, ethnic music of other cultures, jazz -- you name it! read more

Enjoying Music with the Whole Family

Enjoying Music with the Whole FamilyEven if you don't sit in with a little jazz combo on Friday nights, you can still be part of the music scene. How? By making music part of your family life. And family-style music can produce big rewards from very modest efforts. Musical benefits Musical activities not only enrich family life, they actually help children develop cognitive skills, such as language ability, mathematics, spatial reasoning and problem solving. read more

Famous Musicians

Is there a musical generation gap in your family? Find out what you and your kids really know about these famous musicians. read more

Grade Your Child's School Music Program

Grade Your Child's School Music ProgramBrought to you by MENC: The National Association for Music Education. You want your child to be exposed to the best music program possible, but how can you tell if her school is making the grade? These simple checklists take the guesswork out of evaluating a school music program. School-District Checklist 1. Does every student in the school have access to music if they want it? 2. Is there a written curriculum based on local, state, or national standards? read more

Hip Hop 2007 Quiz

Test your knowledge of the hip-hop music and artists of 2007 in this quiz. read more

Hip Hop History Quiz

From Zulu Nation to Timbaland—how much do you know about the history of hip-hop? Take this quiz to find out. read more

How to Make Shakers

How to Make ShakersMaterials Plastic medicine bottles in various sizes, soap bottles, small pop-top juice cans, or small aluminum pie or tart pans Popcorn, rice, dried beans, pennies, and other noise-making items Glue gun or tapeDirections read more

Is Your Child in the Groove?

Whether it's banging on pots or singing a favorite tune, odds are that your child loves to make music. Take this quiz to find out just how musically inclined she is. read more

Jazz Quiz

Take this quiz to test your knowledge on jazz music. read more

Jingle Bell Roller

Jingle Bell RollerMaterials Empty coffee can with lid Jingle bells or jar lids Directions read more


KazooMaterials Empty toilet paper roll Thin paper (newspaper works well) White glue Hole punch Scissors Directions read more

Learning to Play: Tips for Parents of Young Musicians

Learning to Play: Tips for Parents of Young MusiciansBrought to you by MENC: The National Association for Music Education Whether you play an instrument yourself or can't even whistle, these tips will help you guide your child into the wonderful world of music-making. Choosing the right instrument Ask your child what sounds she likes and what instruments appeal to her. read more

Listen Up! Teen Hearing Loss Is on the Rise

Listen Up! Teen Hearing Loss Is on the Rise Next time you can hear your teen's music blasting from his earphones, ask him how soon he would like to wear a hearing aid. That may sound extreme, but a new study published in the August 18, 2010 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that one in five U.S. teens has some level of hearing loss, most likely due to the loud music they listen to on their iPods or other personal music players. read more

Listening to Offensive Music

Should a mother give in and let her child have access to what she feels is inappropriate music for him? read more

Little Ones & Music: A Perfect Score

Little Ones & Music: A Perfect ScoreJorge Arce grew up in Puerto Rico to the sounds of the conga drums, guitar, and accordian. Today, Arce is a professional singer, dancer, composer, and percussionist. He works as a performing arts teacher in the Boston public schools. We asked him to tell us about the role music plays in preparing young children for school. read more

Live Music Quiz

See how much of a music fanatic you are by taking this quiz on live music festivals. read more

Loud Music and Hearing Loss

Difficulty hearing after a loud concert is normal and will usually disappear after a few hours. read more

Love Songs Quiz

They're so catchy you can't get them out of your head, but how much do you really remember about these love songs? read more

Making Music

Making MusicAn Imagination Station Activity Age: Three and upTime: An hour or moreType of Activity: Arts and crafts Guitar Materials needed: read more