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Science and Health

Is your child a budding scientist? Build on the science skills she's learning in school, encourage her curiosity, and enhance her knowledge with these activities you can do at home.

10 Free Things to Do This Summer

Staying busy and having fun this summer doesn't have to be expensive. In fact, it doesn't have to cost you anything. The next time you find your family going stir-crazy from summer boredom, get out of the house with one of these free summertime activities. read more

10 Hands-On Nature Activities for Kids

Summer is a great time to get outside and learn more about the environment. From hunting bugs to making seashell magnets, these awesome hands-on activities are a great way for your child to get a little closer to nature. read more

11 Awesome STEM Toys to Get Kids into Science & Math

It's smart to nurture your child's love of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math)! Exploring science and math for fun could help give your child an edge in these subjects in school and beyond. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, many STEM fields are growing, and STEM jobs pay nearly double the average salary of other U.S. jobs. See which toys can get your child psyched about science and math, from preschool through middle school! read more

11 Fun Summer Camp Crafts and Activities to Try at Home

Kids don't have to go to an expensive camp to have a blast this summer! Bust summer boredom with these classic camp-inspired activities and crafts you can do at home with your kids. Find both indoor and outdoor activities for groups and individuals. read more

11 Survival Tips for Summer Boredom

All year long you look forward to summer. So why do you feel like you might lose your mind when school is out and you're at home with the kids – all day, every day? Here are some fun and affordable cures for your family's summertime, stuck-at-home blues. If your kids spend the day with a nanny or sitter, pass along these activities and tips for surviving until September. read more

12 Pumpkin Activities and Crafts for Kids

Pumpkins and gourds are perfect for fall fun and games with the kids. Find the best pumpkin activities, crafts, printables, and recipes to enjoy with your children this Halloween season. Explore everything from new jack-o'-lantern patterns to the top pumpkin party games to entertain toddlers up to teens this autumn. read more

9 Free Things to Do This Spring

A family-friendly outing in your town doesn't have to cost a pretty penny. Most towns and cities offer tons of free activities— the trick is knowing where to look. Check out this list of springtime activity ideas that will get your kids out of the house, but won't cost you a dime. read more

9 Snow-Themed Crafts and Activities

Does your child have the winter blues? Bust his cabin-fever by having a little fun with snow. Create some wintry crafts and make some goodies that incorporate that fluffy white stuff we all love this time of year. read more

A High-Flying Timeline

A High-Flying TimelineWhat a trip -- from the Wright brothers' first, 12-second flight to the latest launch of the Space Shuttle! Take this aviation tour with your kids. Share your own memories and lay the groundwork for future lofty discussions. 1500's Leonardo da Vinci makes drawings of flying machines. He envisions them with wings that flap. 1783 November 21 -- Two noblemen from the court of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette are the first to pilot a hot-air balloon. They mistakenly think that smoke, not heat, makes the balloon rise. read more

A Spring Storybook

A Spring StorybookTime: An hour or more Type of activity: Reading and writing, arts and crafts Celebrate the coming of spring by telling a story about the season! read more

A Summer Day

Have your child write a short story about a picnic during the summer. read more

A Summer Friend

Here are some summer math problems to keep your child busy this summer. read more

A-maze-ing Dinosaur

Help this dinosaur find his way to some food. Enjoy the maze! read more

Advice from a Science-Fair Judge

Advice from a Science-Fair Judge John Douglass,* a neurobiologist at the University of Arizona in Tucson, has judged both grade-school and high-school science fairs, local and international. Here are his pointers for parents: It's hard to cut corners on a science project without it showing up. Some students think if they produce a colorful, flashy poster, they're going to come out ahead. But judges are looking well beyond that for solid content and creativity, as well as organizational and observational skills. read more

All About Astronomy

All About AstronomyMaterials read more

All About Science Fairs

All About Science Fairs It's a curious thing: even though American scientists are valued and respected in American society, fewer and fewer American students are pursuing the sciences beyond minimum graduation requirements. What can we do to reverse this trend? How can science transcend the classroom and transport kids to new dimensions of discovery and invention? For starters, consider the science fair. read more

Amazing Facts: Hurricanes

Amazing Facts: Hurricanes"Board up the windows, haul your boat onto dry land, get in a supply of food and water -- there's a hurricane coming!" These words are all too familiar to those who live on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of Central America, the United States, and Canada. (There are hurricanes in the southern hemisphere, too.) The force of a hurricane, which can pack winds of 75 to 200 miles an hour, is truly awe-inspiring. These big, circular storms, up to 600 miles across, also produce high seas and major coastal floods. read more

Anatomy for Kids

Anatomy for KidsMaterials Butcher paper or plain newsprint paper Paints, felt pens, or crayons Directions read more

Angel Fish Cut-and-Color for Ocean Mobile

Cut out and color this angel fish printout for your homemade ocean mobile. read more

Animal Gifts

Animal Gifts Required: Your time only Who says your child has to wait until Mother's or Father's Day to create a special gift for you? Make this the day that you receive a special present from your child-the make-believe animal! Ask your child to role-play an animal. Your child might choose to take on the character of a family pet, a farm animal, or a wild creature. Then ask your child what that animal might choose to give humans as a gift and why. read more

Animal Hall of Fame: Biggest

Follow this slideshow to see images of and learn about the worlds' largest land and marine mammal, bird, fish, reptile, and insect. read more

Animal Hall of Fame: Fastest

You won't want to challenge any of these animals to a race! Follow this slideshow to see how fast the cheetah, killer whale, peregrine falcon, and sailfish can travel. read more

Animal Hall of Fame: Meanest

Here are some animals you don't want to upset. Since many animals could claim the title "meanest," this list is subjective rather than authoritative. read more

Animal Hall of Fame: Smallest

Follow this slideshow to learn about the smallest creatures on Earth, from the bumblebee bat to the fairyfly. read more

Animal Hide and Seek

Kids can learn more about animals with this word search and guessing game. read more

Animal Home Puzzles

Creating a puzzle on animal homes will help children to classify animals. read more

Animal Riddles

This printable asks kids to finish word puzzles in order to figure out the answers to the animal riddles. read more

Animals and Their Colorful Markings

A list of animals that have colorful markings to either attract a mate or ward off predators. read more

Are Warts a Sign of Ill Health?

Find out whether warts indicate a problem in your child's immune system. read more

Armadillo Coloring Page

Print out this page and color your very own Armadillo. read more