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  • Winter Printables
    Winter Fun Checklist
    From simple pleasures to exciting excursions for all ages, this winter fun checklist is a sure-fire way to cure your child's cabin fever. Print it off to hang on your fridge, and check each activity off as you go along. ...
  • Young girl in tank top reaching for applw on tree.
    Activities for Kids
    10 Apple-Themed Crafts and Activities
    Cool, crisp autumn weather just screams apple season, doesn't it? Get your kids in the mood for fall with these apple-themed crafts, activities, and recipes. ...
    Lindsay Hutton
  • Babies and Toddlers
    Fear of the Dark
    Phobia Quiz
    Find out all your phobias with this fun quiz! ...
    David Johnson
  • kids playing outside during the spring
    Spring Break
    9 Free Things to Do This Spring
    A family-friendly outing in your town doesn't have to cost a pretty penny. Most towns and cities offer tons of free activities— the trick is knowing where to look. Check out this list of springtime activity ideas that will get your kids out of...
    Lindsay Hutton
  • little girl playing on a snow day
    Winter Crafts and Activities
    9 Snow-Themed Crafts and Activities
    Does your child have the winter blues? Bust his cabin-fever by having a little fun with snow. Create some wintry crafts and make some goodies that incorporate that fluffy white stuff we all love this time of year. ...
    Lindsay Hutton
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    Fall Crafts and Activities
    12 Pumpkin Activities and Crafts for Kids
    Pumpkins and gourds are perfect for fall fun and games with the kids. Find the best pumpkin activities, crafts, printables, and recipes to enjoy with your children this Halloween season. Explore everything from new jack-o'-lantern patterns to the...
    Erin Dower
  • Little Tikes Tunnel and Dome Climber
    Best Toys
    Top 10 New Outdoor Toys for Summer
    It's time to stock up on summer toys for your kids! Check out these fun new summer toys and games that are sure to be a hit for yard and beach playtime.  Editor’s Note: We know raising kids can be hard. That’s why we’re dedicated to makin...
    Erin Dower
  • Ears
    Listen Up! Teen Hearing Loss Is on the Rise
    Listen Up! Teen Hearing Loss Is on the Rise Next time you can hear your teen's music blasting from his earphones, ask him how soon he would like to wear a hearing aid. That may sound extreme, but a new study published in the August 18, 2010 issu...
    Erin Dower
  • GourdsPumpkins
    Fall Crafts and Activities
    Top 10 Fall-Inspired Crafts and Activities
    The vibrant colors and crisp air of autumn make it the perfect season for creative crafts and outdoor activities. Check out these fall-inspired activities to enjoy as a family as the weather gets cooler and the leaves change colors. ...
    Lindsay Hutton
  • SummerSurvivalTips,GirlSellingLemonadeatStand
    Summer Crafts and Activities
    11 Survival Tips for Summer Boredom
    All year long you look forward to summer. So why do you feel like you might lose your mind when school is out and you're at home with the kids – all day, every day? Here are some fun and affordable cures for your family's summertime, stuck-at-h...
    Erin Dower
  • seashellwindchime
    Summer Crafts and Activities
    The 10 Best Beach-Themed Crafts and Activities
    Sand, seashells, and stones can provide hours of family fun both on the beach and at home. Get some ideas for beach-related activities, games, and crafts to try with kids of any age. ...
    Erin Dower
  • ApplePrints,Fall,AutumnCraft
    Fall Crafts and Activities
    Autumn Craft Activities
    Celebrate the seasonal change to autumn by creating these fun and colorful crafts with your little one. ...
  • The Muppets 2015 TV show
    Kids and Tv
    Fall TV Lineup: Our Picks for Kids of all Ages
    Are you wondering what your children will be asking to watch on television this season? Check out our top picks for the best family-friendly shows premiering this fall (or returning after their first season last year) and enjoy some funny, educat...
    Erin Dower
  • School and Learning
    Human Anatomy
    Your Body Inside and Out
    How much do you know about the science of human anatomy? ...
    Beth Rowen
  • Kids
    The Birds and the Bees
    Explaining Sex to 8 Year Old
    An expert praises a mother for discussing sex with her 8-year-old son when the time was right. ...
  • School and Learning
    Weather Quiz
    Test your knowledge of weather patterns, storm systems, and meteorology. ...
    Beth Rowen
  • School and Learning
    Triple Crown Trivia
    It's one of the toughest feats in all of sports. How much do you know about horse racing's triple crown? ...
    Laura Hayes
  • School and Learning
    Trademarks: From Wall Paintings to Musical Notes
    How much do you know about the history of trademarks? ...
    David Johnson