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10 Eco-Friendly Earth Day Crafts for Kids

Generate an interest in the environment with your kids this Earth Day with these 10 eco-friendly craft ideas.
kids doing earth day crafts with chalk
By: Lindsay Hutton

Commemorate Earth Day on April 22 by creating some environmentally-friendly crafts that celebrate Mother Nature. They're all made out of recycled materials you can find at home or in nature, making them the perfect activity to teach your little nature-lover about Planet Earth.

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Terrific Twig Vase

earth day crafts for kids: twig vase

Help your child collect some twigs in your backyard, and then get to work creating this cute vase. The best part? It doesn't even require glue, making it an easy and mess-free project.

Get the directions for Terrific Twig Vase.

Fork Flower

earth day crafts for kids: fork flower

Who knew a fork and some yarn could make such a cute flower? This activity is easy enough for little hands, and only requires four materials.

Get the directions for Fork Flowers.

Nature Bracelet

earth day crafts for kids: nature bracelet

Help your child create a one-of-a-kind bracelet by wrapping a piece of masking tape around his wrist and having him collect and stick colorful leaves, flowers, and other natural objects to it.

Get the directions for Nature Bracelet.

Wind Sock

earth day crafts for kids: wind sock

Crepe paper and a leftover oatmeal container are all you need to make this colorful windsock. When you're done, hang it outside a prominent window so your child can watch his masterpiece blowing in the wind.

Get the directions for Wind Sock.

Eggshell Mosaics

earth day crafts for kids: eggshell mosaics

Paint leftover eggshells and crush them up to create a spring-inspired picture that makes a great decoration for your fridge.

Get the directions for Eggshell Mosaics.

Newspaper Leaf Prints

earth day crafts for kids: newspaper leaf prints

Leaf prints are a great way to learn about different types of trees, and your child will have a blast collecting all the different shapes and sizes found in your yard.

Get the directions for Newspaper Leaf Prints.

Rock Necklaces

earth day crafts for kids: rock necklaces

Your child will love creating and showing off her handmade jewelry. All she needs is some string, colorful rocks, and beads!

Get the directions for Rock Necklaces.

Wiggle Worm

earth day crafts for kids: wiggle worm

Painted paper towel rolls and egg cartons make an adorable worm that doubles as a homemade toy.

Get the directions for Wiggle Worm.

Potpourri Pinecones

earth day crafts for kids: potpourri pinecones

Cinnamon, nutmeg, and other spices make these pinecones smell good enough to eat. Add a little glitter for an extra special look.

Get the directions for Potpourri Pinecones.

Painted Nature Pictures

earth day crafts for kids: painted nature pictures

Take a walk with your child and collect some twigs, feathers, leaves and anything else you can find. When you're done, paint what you've found and use your colorful objects to create a scenic landscape.

Get the directions for Painted Nature Pictures.

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