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Self-Care Practices for Busy Moms

Whether you're a working mom or busy with the daily responsibilities of raising kids, you know that sometimes wellness and positivity can get tossed to the wayside. A busy ER Doctor and entrepreneur mom shares her top tips and self-care practices for remaining vibrant on the go.
busy mom on the go
Updated: December 1, 2022

How do you remain high vibe and filled with energy when your work and life schedule is hectic? That is the question I get asked all the time as a busy ER Doctor and entrepreneur. My answer is always to do something for yourself every day and to be protective of your time and energy.

I come across women every day who struggle with finding the work/life balance that they crave and because many are chasing perfect, they give up on their efforts before they see any lasting results. This is especially true the busier one gets because the longer the to-do list gets, then self-care goes further down on the list.

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However, despite having 12-13 hour hectic work days, traveling and building two businesses, one thing that has remained steady is my wellness and my positive spirit.

So I wanted to share with you some of the things that help me tremendously towards staying high vibe while living a busy life for working women or mothers.

You are what you eat so choose wisely.

This is probably in my opinion the most important. As someone who is a recovering sugar addict, I understand well that food affects mood and productivity. When you are living a busy life you have to be mindful of what you are putting into your body for fuel. What you eat is either giving you energy or taking it away. If you eat nothing but processed, high-sugar foods then you are going to find yourself reaching for a second cup of coffee by mid-morning and wishing you could escape for an hour nap (trust me, I’ve been there). That is why whether I'm in the ER or at the airport, I turn to whole foods and limit my sugar intake. I also bring my own food to work which helps with controlling the quality and quantity of food and helps save money.

Get your body moving and sweating.

I attribute my high vibe to the natural endorphins I get when I exercise. Moving your body daily is important to maintaining good quality energy in your body. The endorphins are also a mood booster. I know it can be hard to make time for your exercise every day but maybe try doing something fun like dance or a group fitness class. Also, when I travel I love exploring the local surroundings, and if it’s a walking friendly environment I make sure to walk as much as I can and explore.

Schedule something relaxing for yourself weekly.

It’s hard to have high energy if you are constantly “on the go” and never rest. The weeks where my schedule is packed and I didn’t protect any time for my own personal care, I find that by the end I am more irritable and I take it out on my family. That is why I’ve learned that just like I plan everything else into my schedule when it comes to work, family, and projects, I also have to schedule time for my self-care. One tip I have is to set aside money in your budget where you can treat yourself to some pampering like a massage, that you can schedule ahead of time. Your body and your mind will thank you!

Limit energy zappers.

You know who this is. The individual that as soon as you see their text you hesitate to respond because you know they are either going to complain or suck you dry. Be very careful of who you surround yourself with because they are either feeding into your high energy or taking it away from you. It is true - we are who we surround ourselves with. So if you are trying to live a life that is high vibe and full of positivity then make sure that your friends are trying to do the same too. Nothing is worse than having people around you who are super negative, bringing you down.

Turn your commute into an on-the-go university.

This has been a game changer. I’m always stunned by how many people do not continue reading or developing themselves as if they have all the skills to take on life’s obstacles. I don't know about you, but I’ve definitely had to work on my mindset and the way I perceive life. That is why I love listening to audiobooks on the go. Just like you feed your body, you also need to feed your mind. Being positive has so much to do with how you perceive what happens to you. And how you perceive things has to do with your emotions, experience and coping skills. These are all things that need to be consistently worked on as you navigate through adulthood if you want to stay high vibe.

These simple things, when implemented consistently, will change your daily mood and spirit. You are in control of how you experience life and no one can make you have a bad or stressful day unless you give them that permission. I hope that you will use these tips to help you take control of your life so that you can truly live with the joy and high vibe that you deserve.

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