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How Divorce Affects Children

Divorce can throw your entire family into turmoil. Find out how to help your children cope with this difficult time in their lives.

ADHD and Joint Custody

Before custody matters can be settled, make sure you understand the challenges confronting children with ADHD. read more

Behavior Problems May Stem from Divorce

An eight-year-old does not have the ability to respond in a sophisticated emotional manner to the jarring upheaval of a divorce. read more

Boy Does Poorly in School Following Parents' Divorce

It's quite common for a child to have lots of fears and anger when his parents divorce, and that can affect school performance. read more

Breaking Divorce News to a Three-Year-Old

An expert gives some advice on how to help a three-year-old understand divorce. read more

Breaking Divorce News to Kids

When a couple decide to call it quits, they need to come together on how and what they're going to tell the children. read more

Child Feels Abandoned by Father

When your child feels abandoned by your ex, you need to do some damage control to minimize his hurt. read more

Child Wants His Parents Together Again

What can you do when your child is placed in an unhealthy triangle between you and your ex? read more

Communicating with Your Child About Divorce

Explaining your divorce to your child can be tricky, particularly when your spouse is abusive. read more

Dating After Divorce: What it Means for Kids

Dating After Divorce: What it Means for KidsDating: For Kids, the Death of a FantasyEva L. remembers the conversation she had with her two sons following one of their regular visits with herex-husband. Both boys were brimming with news about Daddy's new friend, Joanne. But when she referred to their father as someone who was dating, the children were quick to insist that she was wrong. read more

Dating During Divorce

Our expert believes that it can have negative effects on kids when either parent dates during the process of divorcing. read more

Daughter Won't See My Soon-to-Be Ex

A child's reluctance to visit her father is probably tied to her fears about her parents' divorce and about being separated from her mother. read more

Divorce and Teens

A mother wants to know how she can improve her relationship with her daughter before the divorce is final. read more

Divorce: What to Tell Your Children

Divorce: What to Tell Your Children As always, your aim is to protect your children while being as open and honest as you can, given the circumstances and their ages and development. So, don't go into all the gory details. However, children who are told nothing about the reasons for their parents' divorce are unnecessarily frustrated and have a more difficult time working things through. read more

Divorced Dad Wants to Be Closer to His Kids

A divorced father is upset that his daughter won't spend time with him. read more

Does Joint Custody Confuse a Child?

Kids from a divorced family are best served by as much love and contact they can get from both parents. read more

Ex Damaging Kids' Self-Esteem

Is there a way to determine whether your ex can get his life together enough to be a loving and caring father? read more

Ex-Husband Jailed for Non-Payment

A mother has tried her best to keep her kids connected with their father, despite his lack of financial support to his family. read more

Ex-Husband Mean to Kids

A woman is advised to initiate a major intervention in order to prevent her ex from damaging her children's mental health. read more

Ex-Husband Too Lenient

A divorced mother is upset by the behavior of her child after visits with his lenient father. read more

Fear of Divorce

When a child worries that her parents may divorce, it's important to reassure her that she is loved. read more

Fear of Household Sounds

It's important to keep a three-year-old's life as secure and predictable as possible, and with as many regular pleasing rituals as possible. read more

Four-Year-Old Starts Misbehaving After Parents Divorce

There are a number of books that parents can read about managing children's reaction to divorce. read more

Grandchildren and Divorce

Just knowing their grandparents are there, always ready and wanting to help in any way they can, is a wonderful emotional anchor for children, even if it's difficult for them to open up. read more

Helping Son Adjust to New Marriage

It would not be surprising or unusual for a boy to blame his mother's boyfriend for turning his life upside-down. read more

Helping Your Child Cope with Divorce

Understandably, many children have difficulty studying after their parents divorce. Professional help is often needed. read more

Hiring a Private Eye

Hiring a Private Eye You might feel that you want to do some digging in a host of personal realms. Perhaps you suspect that your spouse is having an affair, and you want the goods on him or her. Should you hire a private eye? read more

Making Co-Parenting Work

Making Co-Parenting Work To make shared parenting time work for the kids, it helps if each parent is tuned in to his or her children's individual and developmental needs. Here are some tips for making co-parenting work: Silver Linings You have a great deal of control over the way your children handle life after divorce. By cooperating with the other parent, you are establishing a life pattern your children can carry into the future. Cooperate with the other parent as much as possible. read more

Mom Dating During Divorce

The child of a divorcing couple is upset that her mother is already dating. read more

Mother Left Father and Daughter

A 15-year-old seeks advice after his mother leaves the family. read more

Mother Wants to Show Affection for New Beau

It's best to introduce a new boyfriend into your children's lives gradually, preferably while doing things with them outside your home. read more