• Entertainment and Activities
    I Go to Pieces
    I Go to Pieces Activity for an individual child Age group: 18-40 months Duration of activity: 45 minutes Materials: Photograph of your child, enlarged to 8" x 10" or larger Poster board cut to same size as photo Clear contact paper Scissors Whit...
  • Drawing and Painting Printables
    Finish the Picture: Draw Your Family and Friends
    Draw all of your family and lots of your friends in this printable picture gallery. ...
  • 3-D Picture Frame Activity for Kids
    Picture Frames
    3-D Picture Frame
    3-D Picture FrameMaterials Paper grocery bag Coat hanger 9" x 12" photo of child or other family member (could also use a piece of your child's artwork) Directions Turn paper bag upside down. Cut a square or round opening in the bag about a foo...
  • Self-Picture Book Activity for Kids
    My Life Book
    My Life BookMost kids experience time in child care of some sort, whether it be a daycare center, baby-sitter in the home, or time with relatives or friends. Make the transition easier by creating a book full of photos of your child's everyday li...
  • Picture Frame Craft Activity for Kids
    Homemade Picture Frames
    Homemade Picture FramesMaterials Cardboard from a carton Fabric remnants Glue or paste Thumbtacks Markers or paint Directions Remove the bottom of a cardboard carton. Cut the fabric several inches larger than the size of the cardboard frame. ...
  • Family Life
    Family Photos
    Family Photos
    Family PhotosMaterials Family photo albumsDirections Set aside a few hours one day to look through family photo albums with your child. You might look at photos of your wedding, of family vacations, of your child's toddler years, or of friends an...
    Trish Kuffner, author of The Children's Busy Book