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10 Ways to Spend Quality Time with Children

This article supplies 10 easy ways you can squeeze in quality time with your children.
10 Ways to Spend Quality Time with Children

10 Ways to Spend Quality Time with Children

  1. Make a date -- Children like routine, so why not set aside one afternoon a week when you do something special together?
  2. Share the planning -- Get the children to decide what you're going to do at least some of the time. Make time to plan and discuss what you're all going to do. Anticipation can be as much fun as the activity.
  3. Play -- When did you last play with your children? It's almost too obvious, but it enables you to enter their world where they're in charge and know what to do.
  4. Create a group -- Sometimes it might be good to do something with another family. See if you can create a group from among your friends and theirs to share the occasional outing.
  5. Buy a season ticket -- This encourages you to make regular return visits to a favorite place, perhaps the zoo. It's good to see how places change over time. You also see more when you go somewhere regularly.
  6. Share a hobby -- Some things, for example photography, horse riding or fishing, can be shared. Choose pastimes where the children can do better than the adults!
  7. Cook a meal -- It's always useful to learn to cook. However, cooking a meal together is also a great way to work together on something. You can then celebrate your successes by eating them.
  8. Be competitive -- Work together to win things. They could be quizzes, competitions, races, and more. Have the children find the opportunities and be brave enough to try some things you would normally avoid.
  9. Dig out your old school reports -- Children are fascinated by evidence that adults were once children, too. School reports, photos, and other memories from your past will enable you to discuss both your past and their future.
  10. Press flowers -- This is just one example of the things children used to do that you can try together. Look up traditional pastimes and give some a try.

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