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3 Quick and Cute Easter Crafts for Kids

Need some last-minute Easter craft ideas? You've come to the right place! Check out these three Easter crafts that don't require a ton of materials, and are easy enough for little hands to make.
Litle Girl Wearing Bunny Ears Painting Easter Eggs
Updated: December 1, 2022

Easter is my favorite holiday, namely because my favorite color is robins egg blue. I relish in the fact that I get to have pastel colored decorations around my house in anticipation of the Easter bunny arriving. This year is especially fun because my son is just as obsessed with all things Easter! Naturally, I'd like to share my top three easter crafts for kids, and I promise you, they're easy for little hands to master.

Pom Pom Chicks

Pom Pom Chicks Easter Craft

This craft is great for toddlers because it's simple and fast. All you need are poms poms (yellow are the most popular, but have fun with this), glue, and an orange marker. Glue a large pom pom onto construction paper for the chicks body and add a smaller one for the head. Then, draw an orange beak and feet! You can even add googly eyes if you'd like to add some character. A huge thank you to Michelle over at Crafty Morning for sharing this wonderful easter craft for kids. We had fun making these in my son's favorite color, blue. Enjoy your project and hang it somewhere special for everyone to enjoy -- my son has it hanging on the wall next to his crib. Each morning we say good morning to his chicks!

Old Fashioned Egg Coloring

Dyed Easter Eggs Craft

I realize this may sound traditional and boring, but I promise you, it's so much fun! What I like about egg coloring kits is that everything you need is in one box (except eggs and vinegar), and it allows your child to embrace their inner creativity. There's no wrong or right way, and all methods are encouraged. We ended up with cracked eggs that were interesting colors to say the least, but my son was so proud!

My tips include:

  • Buy a few cheap kits to use leading up to Easter. We've already colored eggs three times!
  • This craft is messy, so if possible, try to do this outdoors or in a basement.
  • Involve kids in the prep work. My son loves to mix the tablets with water and vinegar -- it's like a science project.
  • When the eggs have dried, have an egg hunt. It's even better than hide-and-seek!

Confetti Eggs

Confetti Egg Easter Craft

My son loves to put seasonal decorations in our windows, and I can't stand the sticky decals from stores because he ends up ripping them. Enter paper crafts! All you need for this craft is paper; thank you to the author of this wonderful idea found here.

  • If you have a paper shredder, shred brightly colored paper into little pieces. No shredder, no worries -- just cut up paper into little pieces. You can even use kid-safe scissors with fun serrated edges.
  • Draw a big egg outline on a piece of large paper.
  • Have your child glue in the colorful confetti pieces to fill in the egg! You can even add in glitter glue for more color.

I hope you and your little ones find these easter crafts for kids fun and easy to make! Still itching for more ideas? Try these 10 additional Easter crafts!

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