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Unique Baptism Gift Ideas for Babies, Kids and Teens

Family members and godparents can pick the perfect baptism gift for babies and teens with our unique baptism gift guide.
Baptism shoes, dress, and necklace
Updated: October 3, 2023
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A baby’s baptism is an important milestone. It is an honor to be invited to a christening, and it means that the family considers you to be a close and intimate friend. 

It’s in good form to arrive with a special gift for the newly-christened little one. If you’re not sure what to bring, we have some ideas for you, whether you’re a godparent, grandparent, friend, or family member.

Baptism is a Christian rite of passage, but there are a variety of styles of baptism just like there are many branches of Christianity. Some celebrations may be more formal events, while others may be a bit more relaxed.

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Ahead, we’ll give you our best baptism gift ideas, including traditional or unique options for all ages! 

How to Choose a Baptism Gift

You will want to choose the perfect gift to commemorate this special day. To help you narrow it down, consider the following:

Religious Significance

Baptism is a religious ceremony, so religious imagery like crosses or Bible references are always appropriate gift ideas. While not every gift given on the baptism day must be directly Christian, if you are a godmother or godfather, sticking to something baptismal for your goddaughter or godson makes sense.

You can look for gifts that honor the family’s faith, such as a gift with an engraved bible verse, a cross necklace, or a small guardian angel figurine. If you are not very familiar with Christianity, do your research and find out a bit about it.


A christening is a special occasion that celebrates a new life. Personalized baptism gifts are always a good idea. 

Engraved jewelry, silver spoons, or cups are classic choices. Also, consider a bib or onesie with the child’s name and baptism date embroidered onto it. You can even find a personalized book that you can order with the child’s specific information.

Long-Term Quality

Unlike a baby’s first birthday or a baby shower, a baptism is more of a formal event. Higher quality gifts are always in better taste. In general, go for a gold or sterling silver cross necklace as opposed to plastic beads.

Although not every gift has to have a religious reference, an elegant gift is always the right choice. Gold or sterling silver is always a fine idea, but a baby blanket can also be in good taste.

These gifts are meant to last and be cherished. Go for something of high quality that can be appreciated over a person’s lifetime. Look for handmade items on Etsy.

Use what you know about the family hosting the baptism to choose your gift. Ahead, we have some ideas to get you started.

Best Traditional Baptism Gift Ideas

When in doubt, traditional gifts will always go over well. Here are some classic baby baptism gifts:

Crib Cross

Baptism gift for baby - crib cross

A crib cross is a religious symbol believed to protect and bless a sleeping baby. We love the Dickson’s Protect This Child Metal Crib Cross

This adorably simple crib cross comes with either a pink ribbon for a baby girl or a blue ribbon for a baby boy. It can be hung alone or mounted in a picture frame. It is a cute yet elegant gift that will last as a keepsake.

Name Bracelet

Baptism gift name bracelet

A classic christening gift is jewelry. A gold bar bracelet can be personalized with the child’s name and date of birth. Although it does not have any explicit religious references, this baby name bracelet is traditionally given at a child’s baptism. 

Often it is given by the godparents to their godchild. It is probably the most elegant gift you can choose, and it can be kept for life and passed on as a family keepsake.

Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon Baptism Gift
Getty Images

A baby spoon is the ultimate classic gift and it’s perfect at a christening. This silver baby spoon is definitely a keepsake and quite elegant.

Baptism Gifts for Girls

It’s so much fun to shop for dainty gifts for little girls. Go all out and choose a girly gift for your sweet child of God.


Locket baptism gift for girls

A locket is a tasteful christening gift from godparent to goddaughter or grandparent to granddaughter. This gold baby girl locket is beautiful and dainty, made of 14k gold, and it can be initialized.


Ear piercing is traditional in some cultures, so if you know the parents plan to pierce your baby girl’s ears, go for a pair of classic studs. They can be cherished and worn for a long time. This pair isn’t explicitly religious but it’s timeless nonetheless.

Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are less formal but may be very much treasured. We like the Praying Musical Lamb and Prayer Book. The best part about this gift set is a plush lamb that recites the prayer “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep” when you press his tummy. There’s also a beautiful board book of blessings featuring hand-painted illustrations.

This gift teaches the basics of religious traditions and it is a fun and cute stuffed animal but it is also classic enough to be considered elegant. This plush lamb and prayer book can decorate a nursery and be kept as a memento forever.

Baptism Gifts for Boys

Celebrate the baby boy with these gift ideas.


Baptism gift ideas for boys

Kids learn best through play and little ones will love this best-selling toy Noah’s Ark which draws its inspiration from an important Bible story. It comes with 4 pairs of animals and a figure of Noah holding a dove. You can also purchase more animals separately. Though it’s a plastic toy it has a classic look that makes this gift appropriate.


Books to snuggle together and read are always a touching gift. “God Gave Us You,” a cute story about a baby polar bear and his mother, will have adults tearing up as they read it aloud. 

The book sends the important message that every child is a unique gift from God who is deserving of love. It is such a touching story and, if well taken care of, can be kept as a bedtime story for future generations.

Baptism Gifts Ideas from Godfathers or Godmothers

If you have been chosen to be a godparent, you should feel very honored. Choose your gift carefully, and make sure it is a religious-themed choice. Here are some ideas:


Baptism Gifts Ideas for Godfathers or Godmothers: Rosary

The rosary is a major prayer tool and one of the most explicit religious references you could gift. Many people believe that a rosary is protective. Grasslands Road Girls My First Rosary comes in either pink for a baby girl or blue for a baby boy and is presented in a ceramic keepsake box adorned with dainty details. It is quite a tasteful christening gift and will last as a memento.

Children’s Bibles

Children’s Bibles allow parents to start teaching Bible stories from an early age. “Baby’s First Bible” is a cute board book set that includes the stories of Adam and Eve, Noah’s Ark, Moses, and Jesus. It is accessible and meant to be enjoyed by little ones while still remaining serious enough to stay focused on religion. 

Since it’s a board book, it will likely last through infancy and toddlerhood, but this one might not last a lifetime.

The Jesus Storybook Bible Gift Edition” is another great option. This child’s Bible is loved and trusted by parents and is a best seller. Something to bring out after the child grows into toddlerhood, it’s the perfect first Bible. 

Choose the hardcover to make it last the longest and to give it a more refined look as a gift. Sign the inside with "god bless" and the baby's name and christening date.

Prayer books are another good choice. We like “Baby’s First Book of Prayers.”This board book features 41 religious prayers, each accompanied by an adorable illustration. It’s perfect for reading aloud to babies and toddlers. 

It might not last a lifetime but it is durable enough to be loved through childhood. It’s definitely refined for a children’s book.

Nonreligious Baptism Gift Ideas

You may have some personal reasons to not want to give a religious-inspired gift at a baptism. If the family is nonreligious or simply prefers not to receive religious gifts, there are still many unique and thoughtful nonreligious baptism gift options to honor the little one being baptized.

3-D Baby Casting Kit 

Baptism gift ideas for kids: 3D Baby Casting Kit

Consider a 3-D baby casting kit. This allows parents to cast the hands and feet of their little ones. It’s done in an attractive silver casting with a tasteful picture frame and space for a photograph adjacent. This one is a keepsake that the family will be glad they have years from now.

A Keepsake Box 

A keepsake box is a perfect gift for storing special items such as birth certificates, pictures, and anything valuable to the family. You can choose a wooden one and add the baby’s name and birthday using laser technology. It's a thoughtful and sentimental gift that the baby will treasure throughout his or her life.

Snow Globe 

A snow globe could be the perfect choice. This cute snow globe has the most adorable little lamb inside of it, and it plays the tune of Jesus Loves Me. Along with the religious song, it is also adorned with a cross, the symbol of Christianity. It is a tasteful baptism gift of high quality that can be kept in a child’s room through childhood and beyond.

Personalized Growth Chart

Every parent wants to keep track of their child's growth and development. A growth chart is a beautiful and practical gift that parents can use for many years. You can choose a personalized one made of durable vinyl, with the baby's name and birth details printed on it. It’s a unique and long-lasting gift that the parents will appreciate.

A Professional Photo Shoot

A professional photo shoot is a beautiful and unique gift that the family is unlikely to forget. You can offer a gift certificate for a photoshoot session, and they will have timeless memories of the baby's early years. It’s the perfect baptism gift that the parents will appreciate and cherish always.

Baptism Gift Ideas for Older Kids and Teens

Baptism isn’t only for babies and young kids. Many people choose to get baptized later in life if they didn’t have the opportunity before. In some cases, older kids and teens may choose to get baptized as a way to publicly declare their faith and commitment to their religion. 

If you’re looking for a more mature and appropriate baptism gift for a teen or tween, here are some tried-and-true options.

An Investment 

If you want to give something that's particularly valuable and practical, you can invest in something like a 529 college savings plan. It's a great way to show your commitment to the baby’s future while also helping cover the costs of college down the road. Parents appreciate this kind of gift, and it's a meaningful gesture to show your long-term support. 

Wall Art 

Religious or non-religious wall art like a framed painting or favorite photograph 

is a special present that your teen will see every day! Teens love feeling more grown up, and something like posters, canvas prints, or framed art with Bible verses or inspirational quotes is a classic and appreciated gift option.

A Luxury Bag or Piece of Jewelry 

Jewelry, especially if it’s personalized is always a good choice because it’s something they can hold onto their whole life. Include the date of the baptism since this date will be something for an older child to keep as a family heirloom if they have children of their own. 

You might also gift high-quality clothing or accessories, such as a designer bag.

Depending upon your culture, teens may also appreciate cash gifts or contributions to their college fund. Just check with the parents first.

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