Ideas for the Perfect Godparent Proposal

Updated: March 15, 2019
People are giving their baby’s prospective godparents an offer they’re unlikely to refuse. According to Pinterest, searches for godparent proposals were up 152 percent last year. Here are our favorite picks from Pinterest for the ultimate godparent proposal.
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Have you heard of a godparent proposal? It’s the latest craze to make sure that the chosen people in your little one’s life have a memorable moment, along with a gift they can treasure to mark this special milestone in their lives. You can choose to make the proposal sentimental or comical depending on your family’s relationship with the godparents-to-be, but no matter which path you choose, you’ll create a memory for your families that will never be forgotten with any of the following ideas.

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Funny Scratch Off Card

You can’t go wrong with a beautifully made proposal card from Etsy.

“My parents need all the help they can get. Will you be my godparents?

Engraved Glasses or Scented Soy Candles

A sweet message can stay with your godparents when it’s in the form of an item they will use or see often in their home.

“I need an extra pair of hands to help me learn and grow. I think that yours will be the best because mummy and daddy told me so.”

Engraved Wine Glass

A wine glass with this message will make special occasions even more memorable.

“Every Prince Needs a Fairy Godmother”

A Touching Poem

A proposal poem accompanied by a wish bracelet with a baby feet charm will certainly be a gift that will always be treasured.

The Godfather Movie and “Fairy Godmother” Gifts

A The Godfather engraved beer glass using font like the movie and a “Fairy Godmother” engraved stemless wine glass are fun and lighthearted options for gifts. You can also create gift boxes using these themes with a wand, potion, and candied sugar candle or a movie box with cigars and Camarena nip bottles to play up the themes. How can a new godfather say no to this classic movie quote? “I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse.”

Godparent Necklaces or Keychains

These gifts will be keepers - especially with phrases like:

“A godmother is a gift sent from Heaven above bringing never ending love” or “The best aunts get promoted to godmothers.”

Handmade Scrabble Art Frame

For the friend who loves to craft or who has spent many an hour playing board games with you, this is a perfect option.

“The only thing better than having you as a friend is Harrison having you as his godmother.”

Funny Godparent T-shirts

For a more casual approach, try a shirt that says:

“Godfather. The man. The myth. The legend.” or “The Godmother” with a fairy wand decal.

A Personalized Shadow Box

Make your own shadow box with a favorite photo of your baby and a special saying like:

“Godparents: My angels sent from up above to spare their time and give their love”

There are endless options for how you can present these gifts. You can give your proposal over a fancy home-cooked meal or out at a restaurant. You can play a game and present the winning godparents with a gift as a prize. You can even get down on one knee or bring out a cake with the proposal question written on top. No matter what, a godparent proposal is sure to create a lasting impression and leave you all with a story that you’ll be sharing with your little one time and time again.

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