10 Cute Easter Crafts for Kids


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Make your spring bright and your Easter memorable with these fun and easy Easter crafts you can create with your children.
Easter Bunny Ears
Your child can imagine she's the Easter bunny with her own set of homemade bunny ears.

Read the instructions for Easter Bunny Ears.
Easter Egg Maracas
Make some Easter egg maracas, and make music with your toddler this spring.

Read the instructions for Easter Egg Maracas.
Easter Bunny Mask
Your kids will be hopping around with joy with their homemade Easter bunny masks.

Read the instructions for Easter Bunny Mask.

Egg Carton Ducklings
Your kids will have a blast hatching their own egg carton ducklings this spring!

Read the instructions for Egg Carton Ducklings.

Easter Egg Holder
Create beautiful egg holders for colorful Easter eggs this spring.

Read the instructions for Easter Egg Holder.
Easy Easter Baskets
Your kids will love making these bright and colorful Easter baskets for the Easter bunny to fill with goodies.

Read the instructions for Easy Easter Baskets.
Paper Plate Easter Bunny
Your child can make his own Easter bunny this spring, in just a couple of easy steps.

Read the instructions for Paper Plate Easter Bunny.
Easter Bouquet
Using cupcake papers, your children can make a beautiful bouquet of flowers for your home.

Read the instructions for Easter Bouquet.
Eggshell Mosaic
Your children can create works of art by recycling your colored Easter egg shells.

Read the instructions for Eggshell Mosaic.
Fuzzy Friends
These little fuzzy friends are fun and easy to make with your children. Stock up on puff balls for the bodies and heads, as well as googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and felt to create the other body parts.