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75 Names Meaning "Moonlight" for Your Little Moonbeam

Discover our comprehensive list of 75 enchanting names meaning "moonlight" for boys and girls, providing you with meaningful, unique options to name your child. Find your perfect baby name inspired by the beauty and magic of moonlight!
Name means moonlight
Updated: May 23, 2024
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Moonlight has been revered across various cultures for its gentle, calming presence. It symbolizes tranquility, mystery, and a connection to the natural world. In many traditions, the moon is associated with femininity, intuition, and cycles of life. Naming a child after moonlight can be a poetic way to imbue those qualities into their identity, making them a timeless choice.

Names Meaning "Moonlight" for Boys

Name means moonlight

These names not only reflect the gentle glow of the moon but also carry with them a sense of calm and wonder. Here are some beautiful names that mean "moonlight" for your little star.

  1. Aadhira - From Sanskrit, "moonlight."
  2. Aylin - From Turkish, "moonlight."
  3. Arche - From Greek, mainly means "beginning", but also associated with "light of the moon."
  4. Badru - From Swahili, "born during the full moon."
  5. Chand - From Hindu, "moon; moonlight."
  6. Hilal - From Arabic, "crescent moon."
  7. Indu - From Sanskrit, "bright drop; moon."
  8. Jomei - From Japanese, "spread light, one who spreads light."
  9. Kishar - From Akkadian, "the entire earth; heaven and earth."
  10. Lewan - From Kurdish, "moonlight."
  11. Luan - From Albanian, "moon."
  12. Mahina - From Hawaiian, "moonlight."
  13. Meztli - From Nahuatl, "moon."
  14. Mudassir - From Arabic, "moonlight."
  15. Muraco - From Native American, "white moon."
  16. Qamar - From Arabic, "moon."
  17. Rakesh - From Sanskrit, "lord of the full moon day."
  18. Sasi - From Thai, "moon."
  19. Selene - From Greek, "goddess of the moon."
  20. Shashi - From Sanskrit, "moonlight."
  21. Tuhin - From Bengali, "snow; moonlight."
  22. Tushar - From Sanskrit, "frost; snow; moonlight."
  23. Vesper - From Latin, "evening star; evening light."
  24. Yue - From Chinese, "moon."
  25. Zirael - From Hebrew, "moonlight."

Names Meaning "Moonlight" for Girls

Name means moonlight

Choosing a name that means "moonlight" for your baby girl can imbue her with a sense of serenity and mystical beauty. These names echo the enchanting light of the moon, symbolizing grace and tranquility for your precious daughter.

  1. Aisha - From Arabic, "alive; moonlight."
  2. Amaris - From Hebrew, "given by God; child of the moon."
  3. Artemis - From Greek, "goddess of the moon and hunt."
  4. Ayla - From Hebrew/Turkish, "halo of light around the moon."
  5. Aylin - From Turkish, "moonlight."
  6. Celena - From Greek, "moon."
  7. Celeste - From Latin, "heavenly."
  8. Chandra - From Sanskrit, "moon."
  9. Chantara - From Thai, "moon water."
  10. Cynthia - From Greek, "moon goddess."
  11. Diana - From Latin, "divine; goddess of the moon."
  12. Elara - From Greek mythology, "mother of giants"; associated with the moon.
  13. Esmeray - From Turkish, "dark moon."
  14. Hala - From Arabic, "moon halo."
  15. Helene - From Greek, "torch; moonlight."
  16. Ilta - From Finnish, "evening; the light of the moon."
  17. Indu - From Sanskrit, "moon."
  18. Io - From Greek mythology, "moon of Jupiter."
  19. Jaci - From Tupi-Guarani, "moon."
  20. Kamaria - From Swahili, "moonlight."
  21. Livana - From Hebrew, "moon; white."
  22. Luna - From Latin, "the moon."
  23. Lunetta - From Italian, "little moon."
  24. Mahina - From Hawaiian, "moonlight."
  25. Meira - From Hebrew, "shining; light."
  26. Melinoe - From Greek, "moon deity."
  27. Mona - From Old English, "moon."
  28. Nanna - From Sumerian, "moon goddess."
  29. Neoma - From Greek, "new moon."
  30. Nuray - From Turkish, "bright moon."
  31. Persephone - From Greek mythology, "bringer of destruction"; associated with moon phases.
  32. Phoebe - From Greek, "bright, radiant."
  33. Portia - From Latin, "offering; moonlight."
  34. Qamra - From Arabic, "moonlight."
  35. Rhiannon - From Welsh, "great queen"; associated with the moon.
  36. Rishima - From Sanskrit, "moonbeam."
  37. Runa - From Old Norse, "secret lore"; associated with the moon.
  38. Selena - From Greek, "moon goddess."
  39. Selina - From Greek, "moon; goddess of the moon."
  40. Tara - From Sanskrit, "star; celestial body."
  41. Tsukiko - From Japanese, "moon child."
  42. Ursa - From Latin, "bear"; constellation under the moon.
  43. Veda - From Sanskrit, "knowledge; moonlight."
  44. Xanthe - From Greek, "golden; moonlight through the trees."
  45. Yara - From Brazilian, "water lady; moonlight."
  46. Yue - From Chinese, "moon."
  47. Zelda - From German, "gray fighting maid; moonlight."
  48. Zina - From Greek, "hospitable; moonlight."
  49. Ziya - From Arabic, "light; splendor; moonlight."
  50. Zohra - From Arabic, "Venus; light of the moon."

What Female Name Means Moonlight?

Several female names carry the beautiful meaning of moonlight, reflecting the ethereal glow of the lunar illumination. Among these are Kamaria, of Swahili origin, meaning "moonlight," and Qamra, from Arabic, also signifying “moonlight.” Additionally, the name Meira, from Hebrew, means "shining; light," which closely parallels the soft, luminous quality of moonlight. These names can add a touch of celestial elegance and poetic charm to your child's identity.

What Name Means Moonchild?

Tsukiko is a beautiful name deriving from Japanese, meaning "moon child." This name perfectly encapsulates the ethereal and serene qualities often associated with the moon, making it an ideal choice for parents seeking a name that conveys a celestial and enchanting aura. Tsukiko evokes imagery of a child blessed with the gentle and mysterious luminescence of the moon, embodying a sense of calm and wonder.

What Celtic Girl Name Means Moon?

Rhiannon is a popular Celtic girl name with ties to the moon. In Welsh mythology, Rhiannon is a goddess associated with horses, enchantment, and the moon. Her name may have originated from the Celtic word "Rigantona," meaning "great queen." This name carries a sense of regal power and mystery, making it a beautiful option for baby girls.

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