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75 A Court of Thorns and Roses Names for Your Little Fae

Discover enchanting names inspired by the magical world of A Court of Thorns and Roses for your little fae. From regal to mystical, find the perfect name in our curated list.
Updated: May 22, 2024
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Welcoming a child into the world is pure magic, and for fans of Sarah J. Maas' enchanting series, A Court of Thorns and Roses, the inspiration for their baby's name could be plucked straight out of the the series' rich lore. With their lyrical sounds and deep mythological and literary roots, the names in the ACOTAR series universe can bestow a touch of fantasy and romance upon a new arrival.

The enchanting ambiance of this list is coupled with practical advice for new parents on choosing a name that rings true to their heart while still being a beacon of individuality for their little one. 

ACOTAR Names for Baby Girls

ACOTAR girl names

Join us as we venture into the fae lands of A Court of Thorns and Roses to uncover ACOTAR characters' names that sparkle with wonder!

  1. Aderyn - Welsh for "bird", it ties the child to the notion of freedom and soaring high in life.
  2. Andromache - Greek, "battle of a man." Echoes the strength and resilience of fae warriors in fantasy tales.
  3. Angharad - A name that transcends the beauty of earth and sky, encapsulating love and peace.
  4. Arianwen - A name that exudes golden radiance, perfect for a child destined for greatness.
  5. Arainell - With an ethereal cadence and lyrical beauty, Arainell is as magical as they come.
  6. Astraea - A name symbolizing innocence and purity, fitting for the series with its themes of sin and redemption.
  7. Celestia - Derived from Latin, meaning "heavenly", it signifies the magic of the stars and love.
  8. Cerise - French for "cherry", Cerise is a playful and sweet name with a hint of mischief.
  9. Cerys - Derived from the Welsh word for 'love', it champions emotions and connection.
  10. Eirien - A name that symbolizes peace and a calm, serene spirit.
  11. Eirika - A variant of Erica, its soft sound encapsulates the essence of ACOTAR's gentle magic.
  12. Eirlys - Borrowed from Welsh, it means "snowdrop", a harbinger of spring and renewed life.
  13. Eirwen - A soothing, crisp name that means "white as snow", symbolic of purity and new beginnings.
  14. Elowen - A name that finds its roots in Cornish myth, it embodies the spirit of the woods and elven realms.
  15. Endelyn - With its mellifluous sound, Endelyn feels like a forgotten but revered name.
  16. Gwyneira - Welsh, "white snow." Conjures images of pristine, magical landscapes often seen in fantasy realms.
  17. Ianthe - Greek, "purple flower." Symbolizes the beauty and diversity of life found in faerie and magical worlds.
  18. Kerensa - Meaning "loving", it promises a life led by the heart.
  19. Liora - With its Hebrew roots, it carries the solemn promise of light and guidance.
  20. Lysandra - Greek, "liberator." A nod to the fierce independence and strength of fae heroines.
  21. Merewen - Carrying a Tolkien vibe, this name is bright and soothing like a clear summer day.
  22. Mor - Welsh, "sea." Evokes the vast, untamed nature of the magical worlds, as boundless and mysterious as the ocean.
  23. Morella - An elegant name that sounds poetic on the tongue, Morella is flecked with magic.
  24. Nesta - Greek, "pure." Echoes the untouched, sacred sites of power in faerie lands.
  25. Nimue - A name derived from Arthurian legends and shrouded in the mystery of the Lady of the Lake.
  26. Nimueh - A variant of Nimue, showcasing playful elegance and timeless enchantment.
  27. Nuala - An Irish name meaning "fair shoulder", it conjures up images of ethereal beauty and grace.
  28. Rhoswen - Rich and regal, this name evolves from the Welsh word for "white rose."
  29. Seraphina - Bestowing the child with a name reflecting their inner light and angelic nature.
  30. Talissande - A melodic name with the rhythm of old enchantments and magic in every letter.
  31. Valoria - A regal name that reverberates with strength and upholding honor.
  32. Vivian - Latin, "alive." A celebration of the vibrant, ever-enduring spirit of the fae.
  33. Viviane - With its roots in Arthurian legend, this name alludes to water and life, resonating with the elements central to ACOTAR.
  34. Ysilde - With the 'Y' adding an otherworldly twist. The name sounds like bells in an elven kingdom.

ACOTAR Names for Baby Boys

ACOTAR boy names

Choosing a name for your baby boy is a significant and heartwarming task. For parents who are fans of the mesmerizing world of fantasy, explore a selection of names derived from the rich tapestry of the ACOTAR books.

  1. Akavar - A name swelling with the might of storytellers, it holds within it the power of legends.
  2. Alaric - A name lifted from the depths of time, embodying the might of warriors and the honor of kings.
  3. Andras -  A name rooted in the ancient language of magic, it holds within it the secrets of sorcery and enchantment.
  4. Aodhan - A name sparkling with Irish magic and promise, it maps the stars and tales.
  5. Ardan - Straight from the heart of Irish lands, Ardan beckons with the light of warrior poets.
  6. Azriel - A name shrouded in mystery and darkness, it calls forth the power of the shadows and the unknown.
  7. Bastian - A name with Germanic origins, it ties to the concept of reverence and awe.
  8. Beron - A name with strong roots in the legends of King Arthur, it carries with it the courage and chivalry of knights.
  9. Brannon - With roots in Irish heritage, it depicts the strength and element of brightness.
  10. Brynmor - An embodiment of the everlasting spirit, it boasts Welsh wisdom and valor.
  11. Cadell - A name that knows no fear, it shines the torch on the path of bravery and truth.
  12. Cadfael - Bearing the richness of Welsh folklore and the wisdom of the ancient.
  13. Caden - A name that exudes warmth and celebration, denoting a child of spirit and passion.
  14. Caelan - Celebrating life's joys and the strength of one's soul, it's a name that promises vitality.
  15. Cassian - A name derived from the Latin word "cassus", meaning empty or void, it represents a sense of mystery and depth.
  16. Cianan - Irish in its hue, Cianan is the wellspring of living waters and eternal vigor.
  17. Cormac - A name of Irish descent, it whispers the promise of life's energy and journeys.
  18. Conlan - A name harking back to the time of heroes, linking the child to the saga of the world.
  19. Cyprian - A suggestion of the ancient, its Greek origin sparks the flame of the hero's path.
  20. Eifion - A name reflecting the strength of the earth and the resilience of the island.
  21. Eldric - With an Old English flair, it paints the canvas with the colors of resilience and power.
  22. Eldwin - With its roots deep in Old English tradition, Eldwin promises resilience and adventure.
  23. Erevan - Evoking the grandeur of nature and the unbroken spirit of the wild.
  24. Eris - A name enveloped in mythology, it embodies the power of chaos and change.
  25. Fenrir - A fierce and majestic name bound to saga and might, merging the wild and the free.
  26. Isaac -  A name of Hebrew origin, it translates to "laughter" or "he will laugh". It embodies the joy and lightness of childhood, inspiring laughter and positivity.
  27. Kael - With a hint of Old English, it bears the calm and command of a warrior-poet.
  28. Kynan - Riding on the winds of Welsh tales, it carries the banner of the ancient and brave.
  29. Lorcan - With a touch of the mythical Irish, it signifies strength and bravery.
  30. Lucian -  A name rooted in Latin origins, it carries the light of wisdom and truth, actually meaning "light."
  31. Maelor - A name of strength, its Welsh origins hold the secret to quiet rulership and brave hearts.
  32. Myrddin - A name entwined with the history and lore of the series, hinting at magic and wisdom.
  33. Nazaire - Bestowing the grace of French beauty and holder of purity and newness.
  34. Phelan - A name dancing on the edge of Irish legends, it offers courage and wit.
  35. Rhys -  With its Welsh roots, Rhys brings to mind visions of strength and courage, making it a perfect name for any brave adventurer.
  36. Rhain - A confluence of rich history and potential, Rhain stands for power and motion.
  37. Riordan - This strong and rare name connects the child to the might of kings and the heart of legends.
  38. Selwyn - Woven from the fabric of the land of the Britons, it offers wisdom and heritage.
  39. Serrian - A name that flows with the playfulness of the wind and the grandeur of the sky.
  40. Thomas - A name with origins in Hebrew, it means "twin" and is commonly associated with strength and courage. 
  41. Torin - A name resonating with resilience and bravery, echoing throughout the series.

Exploring ACOTAR's Magical Names

A reflection of the series's intricate world-building, the names within A Court of Thorns and Roses carry a depth of history and power. Here's a look at some of the most potent and evocative names from the series.

Significant Female Names in ACOTAR

The following girl names are found in A Court of Thorns and Roses and subsequent books set in the same world.

  • Amren: An enigma wrapped in a name, Amren's potent moniker cloaks her in mystery and immeasurable power.
  • Elain Archeron: The third Archeron sister, her name befits her gentle nature and connection to the earth.
  • Feyre Archeron: The protagonist, her name echoes her origins from the wilds, unmistakeably tied to the otherworldly.
  • Mor: Short for Morrigan, she is a spirited High Fae with an ancient name resonating with strength and wisdom.
  • Nesta Archeron: Feyre's tempestuous sister whose name bears an air of enigma and strength like the ebbing sea.

Significant Male Names in ACOTAR

These boy fae names are equally as important to the entire ACOTAR series.

  • Azriel: One of Rhysand's trusted confidants, his name implies a divine mission as he serves the Night Court.
  • Lucien: The High Lord's emissary carries a name that speaks to his luminous essence and steadfast nature.
  • Cassian: With a name that sings of strength and steadfastness, Cassian is a warrior through and through, loyal to his closest allies.
  • Rhysand: The High Lord of the Night Court, his name is a symphony of syllables that evokes starry skies and everlasting.
  • Tamlin: The name of the High Lord of the Spring Court paints a picture of springtime days and the gentle unfurling of petals.

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