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Best Baby Subscription Boxes for Every Stage of Baby’s First Year

Looking for the best baby subscription box? Here are our top baby subscription boxes for new parents!
Best Baby Subscription Boxes
Updated: June 27, 2023

Subscription boxes are a fun way to receive or give a monthly gift to yourself or someone you care about! Monthly subscriptions for books, coffee, clothing, science experiments, and more exist! So no matter your interests, a monthly subscription box is likely out there for you!

One of the newer trends is baby subscription boxes. So whether you’re looking for discounts on diapers, baby clothes, or stimulating developmental baby toys, there are plenty of options for your baby’s first year!

To narrow your search, we’ve compiled a list of fifteen of the best subscription boxes designed for newborns up to nine months. Discover the benefits of baby subscriptions and tips on choosing the right box for you!

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Benefits of Baby Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes can save parents money on items they frequently need, such as diapers, clothing, formula, baby food, or toys! In addition, parents who subscribe have baby products delivered right to their door!

Subscription delivery means fewer trips to the store with your newborn and no midnight dashes for more diapers because you forgot to pick them up on your way home from work.

Prices vary depending on what products you’re purchasing and the frequency of your deliveries. However, many of the best baby subscription boxes are delivered to your doorstep for less than $100 a month.

Choosing the Best Baby Subscription Box for You

New parents have a lot to think about, so gifting a subscription service for a few months or even a year is an excellent new baby gift! Whether you’re gifting a few months of toys, diapers, or even self-care items for mom, these boxes can be adjusted based on the child’s age and developmental stage.

Best Diaper Subscription Boxes

Diaper Subscription Box

1. Hello Bello - Diapers and Baby Supplies

Hello Bello is a company owned by celebrity parents Kristen Bell (Anna from Frozen) and Dax Sheppard, Hello Bello offers high-quality baby products at reasonable prices.

Monthly boxes cost $69.99, and the number of diapers included decreases as you go up in size. However, the older your baby is, the fewer diapers they need. You can also add extras to your box each month at a discounted rate of 15%.

Simply enter your email address on the website to receive 20% off your first box!

Each box of newborn diapers contains 224 diapers, four packs of wipes, and your choice of one freebie! The freebie item is valued at up to $14. Parents can choose anything, such as baby lotion, wash, sunscreen, and more.

2. Honest Co. -Eco-Friendly Diapers and Baby Products

The Honest Co. diaper bundle box is $89.99 for seven diapers and four wipes packs. Every third shipment includes a full-size free item, and shipping is always free. Choose up to seven adorable diaper prints in each order.

Honest Co. is one of the best-known natural diaper brands. Owned by celebrity mom Jessica Alba, these eco-friendly products for babies and moms are a great subscription idea!

3. Coterie - Diapers and Baby Wipes

Coterie boxes are $90 per month and ship every 4 weeks. For an additional $25, parents can add eight packs of water-based wipes.

Coterie diapers are among the gentlest and safest disposable diapers available for babies. They offer superior leak protection and are designed to prevent diaper rash on even the most sensitive skin.

Best Baby Subscription Boxes for Baby Clothes

Baby Clothes Subscription Box

4. UpChoose - Organic Baby Clothes

UpChoose is a clothing rental subscription for babies! Starting at $29.99 per month, parents can choose pre-loved sets of clothing for their baby to wear as long as they fit!

Babies grow fast; before you know it, they’ll outgrow those adorable onesies and outfits you picked. Once your baby outgrows the set, return them for free and receive the next size up. Parents change the number of items they receive at any time.

UpChoose is an eco-friendly way to dress your baby.

5. Surprisly - Baby Clothes for 1-Year-Olds

Surprisly is an excellent clothing subscription for older babies. Because subscribers only receive three outfits a month, this subscription is better for older babies who don’t change their clothes as often!

For $69.99 a month, you receive a play, dressy, and sleep outfit that are yours to keep. Parents can choose if they want girl, boy, or neutral clothes. In addition, parents can sign up for a 3-month- or 6-month pre-paid plan to save additional money.

Best Baby Subscription Boxes for Baby Gear

Baby Gear Subscription Box

6. Bitsy Boxes - Baby Products

Bitsy Boxes are full of goodies and necessary items that help busy parents avoid dragging their babies to the store. Items are based on your baby’s due date or birth date, and you can return any unused item for store credit.

Month-to-month boxes are $49.99 or sign up for a six or nine-month plan at a discounted rate.

7. Baby and Sunshine - Mommy & Me Box

Baby and Sunshine is a Mommy & Me box to prep moms-to-be and support new mothers. The monthly box costs $69.99. The contents of the monthly box change.

Each month it may include self-care items for moms, like candles and lotions; support tools for both parents, like books and burp cloths; and items for babies, such as toys and teething rings.

8. rents4Baby - Baby Gear

Ready to take your baby’s first vacation this summer? rents4Baby offers great options for temporary baby gear needed for family trips and vacations.

You'll need some gear once you’re ready to take your baby out and about, whether for traveling or walks around the neighborhood to play! If you don’t want to lug your stroller or car seat on vacation or need somewhere for your baby to sleep at your vacation rental, rents4baby is perfect!

Prices vary depending on what you’re renting, but items are priced per day.

For example, check out the Vacation Baby Bundle for $47 per day, including a crib, high chair, sound machine, video monitor, and a pack of age-appropriate toys.

Best Baby Subscription Boxes for Food

Baby Food Subscription Box

9. Little Spoon

Little Spoon is an organic food company specifically for babies and toddlers. They offer purees, finger foods, smoothies, and toddler meals.

All parents need to do is pick their plan based on their child's age, customize their box, and food will be delivered weekly to their door. Plans range from the mid $20s to the low $60s depending on how much or how little food you order.

10. Once Upon a Farm

Fruit and veggie lovers will adore Once Upon a Farm purees and finger foods. Their products are organic, dairy-free, and contain no added sugar.

Subscriptions can be delivered anywhere from weekly to every five weeks and contain 16 or 24 meals or pouches.

Best Educational Baby Book and Toy Subscriptions

Educational Baby Subscription Boxes

11. Panda Crate by Kiwico - Toys for Newborns to 24 Months

Kiwico is among the best subscription box companies for kids from birth through the teen years. They design research-based, developmentally appropriate play kits for kids of all ages.

The Panda Crate is designed for babies from birth through 24 months. However, newborns don’t need too much extra stimulation outside of their parent’s touch, voices, and love.

Once your baby’s eyesight has improved significantly and will be able to enjoy playtime much more!

12. Lovevery - Montessori Toy Subscription

Lovevery delivers a new box of fun, age-appropriate toys for your little one every two months.

The subscription is $80 per box and comes with a play guide for parents and caregivers to guide your little one’s purposeful play.

All the toys in Lovevery are Montessori toys and handpicked to develop the necessary skills for your child at each stage of their development.

For an additional $18 per box, you can add the book subscription to your play kit.

13. ToyLibrary - Most Affordable Toy Subscription

ToyLibrary is a cost-effective subscription for parents on a budget that sends hands-on toys for kids of all ages.

A full-year subscription only costs $149.95 or $12.95 per month.

Each shipment contains two toys your child can keep and play with for as long as they'd like. Then, when they’re ready for something new, send it back for more!

14. Literati Kids - Book Bundles

The Literati Book Box is the ideal way to instill a love of reading in your baby from the start!

Each month you’ll receive five board books per month for your baby.

Subscription plans are as little as $9.95 per month; if you only want to borrow books and not keep them. You’ll pay a discounted rate for any book you decide to keep, lower than the cost of the book on Amazon.

The subscription will grow with your child, sending age and interest-specific books based on your recommendations!

15. BookRoo

BookRoo Board Book Club Box is available for ages 0-3 and comes with three board books per month. Each book is yours to keep and saves you up to 47% of the retail price of books.

You can pay a monthly renewal fee of $19.95 per monthannual subscription of $299.28.

Tips on Choosing the Right Baby Subscription Box for Your Needs

What type of subscription box or box you decide on depends on your and your family’s needs. So here are a few tips on choosing the right box!

  • Consider why you’re subscribing. Is it to save time, money, or both?
  • Will subscribing make things easier for you? Or will you miss out on personally choosing and buying your baby’s clothes, food, toys, etc?
  • Are you using the product enough to warrant a subscription? If you’re not sure if a plan is the right fit for you, see if the company offers a discount or has a coupon code for the first month to try it out.
  • How easy is it to cancel or modify your plan? Can you pause or skip shipments if needed?
  • Can you afford the cost upfront? Some plans offer great deals if you purchase six months or a year in advance. However, if you don’t have the cash available, it might not be helping you.

There are many reasons to subscribe to a baby box. You can save money and time, and items arrive right on your doorstep!

Before jumping in and subscribing to every deal that sounds good, take the time to research the product to ensure it is a fit for your needs!

And if you know any soon-to-be-parents in your life, consider gifting a subscription box as a new baby gift or asking the parents-to-be if there are any subscriptions you could cover for the first few months.

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