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Teen Stress

The teenage years can be both the best of times and the worst of times. The newfound freedom and independence, while thrilling, can lead to stress and feelings of overload for many teens. Find out how you can help your teen make the most of this exciting time, without adding to the pressures.

Building Your Daughter's Confidence

Building Your Daughter's Confidence Whatever your concerns are about your daughter or your relationship with her, helping her to be more self-confident will go a long way toward facilitating her success. Girls who feel competent can cope with life's stresses better than those who think they are inept. Self-assurance also allows girls to take the risks necessary to learn and grow. read more

Dealing with School Anxiety

Dealing with School Anxiety For dealing with anxieties about school performance, many of the techniques for dealing with anxious thoughts are relevant. However, parents might find the following suggestions helpful: read more

Is Your Teen More Stressed Than You Think?

Is Your Teen More Stressed Than You Think? As a parent, you might think your teen has a pretty easygoing life. After all, being a night owl and sleeping late on the weekends doesn't exactly spell stressed out. However, recent findings are telling a different story. A recent study in Clinical Psychology Review suggests more high school and college students deal with mental anxiety today than teens from the Great Depression Era. read more

Music, Sports, and More: How Much is Too Much?

Gifted children may exhibit talents in a variety of areas and have a voracious appetite for learning. But they also need free time to unwind and to just "hang out." read more

My Parents Are Pressuring Me to Get Perfect Grades

When parents behave like this, it can make a kid feel that the only time she is appreciated by her parents is when she gets high grades. read more

Parent Pushing Daughter in Sports

Our expert advises parents to respect their daughter's wishes to "lay off her" in their efforts to make her a better athlete. read more

Psychosomatic Trouble

When your daughter's worries are making her sick, that's an illness as real as anything else. read more

Recognizing Effects of Stress on Girls

Recognizing Effects of Stress on Girls With nervous energy skyrocketing, the girls of this generation need the adults in their lives to do far more than in the past. Along with general understanding and support, they need voices of reason to counteract both the stress-inducing messages they get from this culture and the demoralizing, self-defeating beliefs some of them persist in telling themselves. read more

Stress in Teen Girls: Who's at Risk?

Stress in Teen Girls: Who's at Risk?To find out what is really happening with today's teens--why they are so stressed, who is most at risk, and who is most resilient--I surveyed 2,298 girls (691 in grades six through eight and 1,607 in grades nine through twelve) about their attitudes, pressures, and experiences with success. These students attended a variety of schools: public and private, coed and all-girls, religious and secular, traditional and alternative. By posting this survey on the Girls' Life Web site, I also heard from girls across the country. read more

The Good Stress Challenge Audit

Take this survey to determine if your child could benefit from a good stress challenge. read more

The Hallmarks of a Stressed Child

The Hallmarks of a Stressed Child "I swear he's possessed," complained the mother of six-year-old Harry. "He has been in a foul mood for most of the week, and yesterday I found him in his sister's room cheerfully disemboweling her toy cat with a kitchen knife. The stuffing was flying everywhere. But the moment I went into the room, he looked up at me with these big helpless eyes (the knife still in his hand, mind you) and yelled, 'It wasn't me!' Then suddenly his face crumpled up and he started howling. His father keeps asking when his period's due!" read more

The Hidden Angst of Girls

The Hidden Angst of Girls This kind of virulent nervous energy is rampant among today's teen girls. And yet, it is often hard to detect, even for the parents and educators who care most about them and their success. That is because teen girls are diligent about hiding their pain. read more

The Pressures of Middle School

The move to middle school can be tough, even for the best of students. read more

What Teens Worry About

What Teens Worry About Everyone has their stress points, and teens are no exception. Here's what they report makes them worry: read more

Why Are Girls So Stressed?

Why Are Girls So Stressed? By the time they enter middle school, many girls are staggering under the pressure of more than just weighty backpacks. They also face jam-packed schedules, hours of homework, heightened expectations, demanding social lives, and far too little sleep. For this generation of girls, the process of maturing into successful young women has become too intensely charged. A hundred years ago, the famous educator Charlotte Perkins Gilman wrote that "the progressive education of a child should be, as far as possible, unconscious. read more