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Updated: June 21, 2022

Beyond the Easter Bunny: 20 Other Famous Rabbits

20 Famous Bunnies

Did you know that many famous rabbits are arguably more popular overall compared to the hopping bunny that brings our little ones baskets of treats every Easter? Many famous rabbits have become pop culture icons that everyone recognizes, reminding us all that the Easter Bunny isn't the only well-known rabbit. Even though come springtime, he is the one who gets all the press. What makes these other fictional rabbits just as if not more famous than the Easter Bunny?

When Your Adult Child Lives at Home

When Your Adult Child Lives at Home

You may have a young adult child who moves back into your home after college or never leaves. This is frequently a difficult situation to handle well. If you expect to exercise the same control you had before your child turned into a young adult, forget it. Your child may make decisions with which you heartily disagree, but you are going to be living in a war zone if you expect to change things through force or intimidation.

by: Kim Bongiorno and Jeff Vrabel

Kim and Jeff Give It to Us Straight: How Long Do You REALLY Need to Keep Your Kid's Artwork?

Child's Drawing of Train

J: I have the answer and it is a genius answer.

K: Please don’t keep me in suspense.

J: I keep my sons' artwork for precisely as long as it takes to snap a photo with my phone and throw it away.

K: Okaaaaay…

J: Storage required: 0

Time required: .9 seconds

Thoughtful memories preserved: all of them

Do I have a folder in my Photos app called "Jake Art"? Yes, I do.

Do I have tubs full of awkwardly stacked cardboard pictures and pipe cleaners and googly eyes and glitter? HELLLLLLL NO.

Tips for New Moms: Stockpile Support and Self-Assurance

Preparing for Baby's Arrival

Tips for New Moms: Stockpile Support and Self-Assurance

I'm not trying to scare you, telling you how much worse parenthood is than you originally thought. Heck, you may turn out to be a baby whisperer. You may have an airtight support network. Or, you may have been visited by one of Dickens's ghosts, seen the real truths of motherhood to come, and are prepared to shift your entire life pace and focus.

by: Alexandra Kennedy, MA, MFT

Helping Children Understand The Five Losses That Make the COVID-19 Pandemic So Devastating

The 5 losses that make COVID-19 grief difficult for kids

Our world changed drastically, seemingly overnight. As the coronavirus emptied our streets, closed our businesses, threatened our lives, and isolated us in our homes, we have experienced profound losses. In response, our grief is deep, complicated and many layered—it is normal, natural and necessary to grieve.

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Updated: October 27, 2021

75 Funny Girl Names for Your Little One

Funny Girl Names

By now you have probably been through countless baby names, trying to find the perfect one for your baby girl. It may seem unconventional, but why not choose a funny baby name? What makes these baby names silly are some of their origins. Or they are just a funny-sounding name! If you're looking for a quirky and creative girl name, these are just plain fun.  

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Updated: March 2, 2021

The Ultimate Bucket List of Books to Read for Kids

The ultimate list of books for kids to read before they are teens

One of the very first places we turn to when we need to explain ideas to kids or to push the limits of the imagination is a good book. While we consider some kid’s books as classics found in any home library, others are newer releases well worth a place in your child’s mind. If you are looking for memorable and impactful books to read for kids before they become teenagers, we’ve put together the perfect list.

Updated: March 30, 2022

15 Fun Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Rainy Day

If rainy weather is keeping you cooped up inside, don't fret. We've put together the ultimate list of rainy day activities for kids of all ages.

If you're like me, with two toddlers at home, a rainy day is enough to send you into a tailspin. No playground. No park. No bike rides. What fun things can we come up with to occupy the time while trapped indoors?

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Updated: June 4, 2021

15 Unique Family Reunion Ideas

Family spending time with each other and playing with balloons at family reunion

Somehow you have managed to get the entire family to meet together in one location on a chosen date. Congratulations! If you can do this, you can do anything… including a plan for the rest of the reunion, or delegate someone to help. If you’re in need of some creative inspiration, Family Education has your back. Here are 15 unique family reunion ideas that are sure to build lasting memories.