Harry's Mad: Activity Guide

Updated: January 23, 2020
Do you want to do more than just read with your club or kids? Use this activity guide to get the fun started.

Harry's Mad: Activity Guide

harrys_mad.gifThese activities for Harry's Mad can be done with your own book club or just with your kids. Whichever way you do it, kids will have a blast and you will too!

  • Have a contest to name Fweddy's and Mad's baby.

  • Make a batch of American brownies, Mad's favorite dessert. You can use your favorite mix or recipe.

  • Try some of Mad's favorite activities: Play a game of Monopoly or do a crossword puzzle.

  • Use a map of London and see how many places you can find that are mentioned in the book: London Zoo, Heathrow Airport, North London's White Hart Lane, Trafalgar Square, and Charing Cross Station.