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Is your child struggling in school or trying to get ahead of the pack? Get information about finding a tutor who meets your child's needs and is within your means.

Summer Tutoring or Retention?

Finding help for a struggling student can be as simple as a summer tutor. read more

Teacher vs. Tutor

When the school and the tutor provide different assessments of your child's readiness, you should probably believe the school. read more

Tips on Choosing a Tutor for a Child with LD

Tips on Choosing a Tutor for a Child with LDMost parents dream of their children doing well in school, going on to college, and having a successful career. But what are parents to do when they find out that their child is falling behind? The answer for many is to provide a tutor. When to Hire a Tutor Hundreds of thousands of children having difficulty with a subject in school are currently being tutored in the United States for a variety of reasons: read more

Tutoring at Home

Learn how to find a good at-home tutor for your child. read more

Tutoring Math and Reading

Tutoring Math and ReadingMaterials read more

Tutoring Needed or Not?

Consider getting your child a tutor to help her succeed in eighth grade. read more