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Top Learning Tools for Teens - 2017

Give your kid a leg up in school with these learning tools designed to help teens soar!
Top learning tools 2017
By: Kelly Sundstrom

Utilize a few of these learning tools for teens to help your child succeed in school.

Teenagers these days feel like they have a lot to worry about. From raging hormones and social drama, to politics and the pressures of getting in to a great college, it can be difficult to concentrate in class and study for tests with the world seemingly on your shoulders. Well, good news parents -- you can help your teenager succeed in school by taking advantage of some of the best learning tools for teens in 2017.

Online Learning Tools

Khan Academy

top teen learning tools

Photo Credit: Khan Academy

Price: Free

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If your teenager struggles with math, Khan Academy can help improve understanding and fill in any learning gaps. Formatted using a state-of-the-art technology that caters lessons to your teen's specific strengths and weaknesses, the courses on Khan Academy offer free supplemental coursework in math, science, history, economics, computer programming, engineering, and art history. The courses feature specialized content from NASA, MIT, The Museum of Modern Art, and The California Academy of Sciences.


top teen learning tools

Photo Credit: Duolingo

Price: Free

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You don't need to spend a fortune on programs and apps in order to provide your teen with a fantastic foreign language tool. Offering 23 different languages, with 22 more in development, Duolingo provides students of all ages with a free, incentive-based language program that's both fun and exciting. Your child will earn points for each lesson that can unlock additional features, much like a video game. This makes interacting with Duolingo familiar and in line with the way teenagers want to learn.


top teen learning tools

Photo Credit: CK-12

Price: Free

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For students looking for a little help across all subjects, CK-12 offers "Byte-Sized" lessons that include visual aids, videos, simulations, and interactive multimedia tools to help supplement what your teen learns in class. With over 5000 different concepts to choose from, CK-12 organizes their content into specific "Learning Paths" to help guide your teen and help facilitate understanding of the material.

Items for Backpacks

Fidgit Cube

top teen learning tools

Photo Credit: Antsy Labs

Price: $22

With all the distractions that can happen throughout the day, it can be difficult for many kids to pay attention in class. Whether your teen has trouble sitting still at a desk, blocking out classroom annoyances, or simply staying focused on the material, sensory aids like the Fidget Cube from Antsy Labs can help. This clever little gadget has six sides, each with its own unique feature that can help students stay focused through fidgeting. Kids can click, flip, glide, roll, breathe, and spin the Fidget Cube with their hands, while helping their minds pay attention in class. However, make sure to buy the real thing - many knock-offs out there don't offer the same level of quality as the original Fidget Cube.

GRID-IT Organizer

top teen learning tools

Photo Credit: Cocoon Innovations

Price: $29.99

A disorganized backpack or locker can lead to a disorganized mind. Luckily, the GRID-IT Ultimate Organizer from Cocoon Innovations can help keep your teen free of clutter and right on track. With uniquely woven straps that keep everything tightly in place, GRID-IT can make your child's day-to-day a breeze by organizing tablets, phones, cords, writing tools, headphones, notepads, calculators, and more. Parents, you might end up buying one for yourself as well!

Online Tutoring


top teen learning tools

Photo Credit: Time4Learning

Price: $30 per month

Every teen learns at a different pace and has a specific type of learning style, and sometimes it's challenging to every student to succeed in a traditional classroom setting. By utilizing a program like Time4Learning, your teen can receive help to fill in any gaps and even prepare ahead of time for what they will be learning in class. The Time4Learning tutoring system provides private, online tutoring, along with lessons, assessments, activities, games, and reports to track daily progress in whichever area your child needs that extra help.

top teen learning tools

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Price: $39.99 per month

With the online tutoring service, teens can receive 24/7 help in over 40 different subject areas, like math, English, history, science, foreign languages, and AP coursework. It all takes place in an online classroom setting, so you can access the tutoring wherever you have internet.

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