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    Savings Quick Tips: Reduce Back to School Spending
    Savings Quick Tips: Reduce Back to School Spending Everybody knows holiday spending and the annual vacation will be big-ticket expenses throughout the year. But back-to-school shopping seems to sneak up on many families. And, in fact, some fami...
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    Back-to-School Budget Printable
    Print off this free budget worksheet to organize your back-to-school savings. Download this interactive printable and save it to your desk top. Once you enter in your budget and spending amounts, the printable will automatically calculate your sa...
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    Lunch Boxes
    11 Coolest Lunch Boxes for Kids
    Send your child's lunch to school in style! Check out our picks for the cutest lunch boxes for kids, and find one that suits your child's personal taste. ...
    Erin Dower
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    Trends and Fads Quiz
    What do you know about recent trends and fads? ...
    Ricco Villanueva Siasoco
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    Necktie Quiz
    The necktie is over 2,000 years old. What else do you know about the popular fashion accessory? ...
    David Johnson
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    Living in Dorms
    Top 10 College Dorm Supplies
    Sending your teen off to college can be a stressful and scary time. You want to make sure he or she is properly prepared and has all the essentials for living away from home. Here are some of the top necessities every new or returning college stu...
  • 10 of The Coolest New School Supplies
    Back to School
    10 of The Coolest New School Supplies
    Your kids can head back-to-school in style with these new awesome school supplies and accessories. Homework and lunchtime have never been so fun! Mini Panda Stapler Mini Panda Stapler Use this neat-o, decorative panda stapler to keep your s...
    Rachel Sokol
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    Lunch Box Notes Printables
    Lunch Box Notes
    This booklet of lunch box notes is packed full of fun and loving messages to include in your child's lunch that is sure to put a smile on his face.Print out this PDF and clip the note you'd like to include with your child's lunch. ...
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    Supplies and Shopping
    Back-to-School Shopping: Top 10 Ways to Save
    With gas prices sky rocketing and the economy plummeting, it's no question that shopping for back-to-school can break your budget. We are here to help make things easier on you and your pocketbook. Find tips on how you can save money when shoppin...
    Julie Deaner
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    Clothing Fashions
    Spring & Summer Fashion Trends for Kids
    Spring has arrived! It's time to pack up the kids' winter clothes and jump into the new season with an updated wardrobe. We've lined up the latest children's and teens' clothing styles for you – from shoes and accessories to layering classics fo...
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    Growth and Physical Development
    School Bag Too Heavy?
    It's certainly not good for children to be carrying to school more than one-fifth of their weight over the shoulders and on their backs. ...
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    Lunch Boxes
    Lunch Box Bonanza Quiz
    There was a time when the lunch box ruled. See how much you know about these class acts. ...
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    Clothing Fashions
    15 Hottest Back-to-School Fashion Trends for 2016
    Want to send your kids back to school looking sharp? Check out rising fashion trends for fall 2016, including clothes, shoes, and accessories for girls and boys of all ages. ...
    Erin Dower
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    Supplies and Shopping
    Hot School Supplies for Back to School 2016
    It's time to stock up on school supplies! Make sure your child is prepared for his first day with these trendy accessories and must-have classroom staples. Editor’s Note: We know raising kids can be hard. That’s why we’re dedicated to maki...
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    School Supplies for Third-Graders
    School Supplies for Third-GradersYour third-grader is hip to what's in with her crowd. But does she know what she really needs for school?Most classroom teachers will require these supplies, and some teachers may ask that you provide additional i...
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    Clothing Fashions
    Dawdling Dresser
    Dawdling DresserTime 10 to 15 minutes Materials Clothes Directions Dressing can be one of the most challenging areas for young children when it comes to self-control. Try telling the dawdler to pick a color and give directions accordingly. For e...
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    Homemade Pencil Holder
    Homemade Pencil HolderAge: Preschool and upTime: An hour or more Type of activity: Arts and Crafts As you do this activity, talk to your child about the value of recycling everyday objects. Materials needed:· Clean, empty coffee or soup can (...
    Christine Dvornik
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    Find Your Teacher's Back-to-School Supply List
    School Supplies for KidsOr check out these lists: Resources for preparing for back-to-schoolIf your child's teacher has not provided a list, check out these standard supply lists Kindergarten First Grade Second Grade   Third Grade Fourth G...